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Vehicles for D&D 5e

Hey guys, I wanted to make a post here to talk about using vehicles in D&D 5e, and to advertise my vehicle supplements on DMs Guild.

How do you make use of vehicles in combat in D&D 5e? What other benefits do you give your players for using them?

You can see how I do it in my supplement previews, so I'll link to my Various Vehicles series here:

I am absolutely trying to advertise my supplements here, but since I'm doing a series I'm also trying to hear how you run vehicles. This may inform how I make my series going forward.
In case you're wondering, these are built off of the official vehicle rules included in Descent into Avernus for the Infernal War Machines, except that I created rules for vehicles drawn by draft animals, and a few other common means of locomotion.

Thanks for coming!

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