PF2 Verdict On The New Ancestries?


Now that we can see how Hobogoblin, Leshy, and Lizardfolk turned out what are your thoughts?

I am not sure I am that thrilled by Hobgoblin. Not that many character concepts jump out at me when I survey their heritages and feats. I guess Elfbane is "good" but do you really build a concept around it? Runtboss might have been fun if it actually let you get some kind of benefit out of having goblin party members alongside you. They do make for good alchemists and their weapon familiarity is the best in the game, but their fear-based shtick is something Lizardfolk get to play with as well.

Lizardfolk heritages seem okay. Feat wise they seem to go all-in on unarmed attacks though, and I wonder if that crowded out what could have been more offbeat options. I have a Frilled Lizardfolk gladiator ruffian rogue concept I quite like, and there was also an earlier Lizardfolk monk. Given their lore they are also good candidates for storm druids. Great ancestry is you want to incorporate a lot of water into your games though, given they can start out with breath control and a swim speed.

I find Leshy to be a bit of an odd concept for an adventurer ancestry in general but they have some interesting options. Like the fact that you can basically be a pumpkinhead. The first Leshy concept I drew up was for a Lastwall survivor undead sorcerer. I also have one for a Leaf Leshy monk that will optimize for AC and saves which has the seedpod feat and will use the Lashing Branch stance. But then you have the super obvious options too, like leaf druids.

Overall I think they are just okay. But I want to know what the rest of you think.


Haven't read them, but I'm getting the impression you seem to forget a pretty central character concept here:

To be able to play a hobgoblin.

That is, the main purpose of a new race isn't to minmax some build, it is to play that race...?


I would not call myself a minmaxer in general, though I do look for concepts compatible with abilities. With hobgoblin and leshy character concepts do not jump off the page quite so easily as the others. I mean, I guess a hobgoblin emissary bard is a decent concept, one cribbed maybe a little from Eberron where hobgoblin bards are very popular, and one is not given any particular boost by the hobgoblins options. Maybe because those ancestries have more limited places in society - even compared to goblins.

Lizardfolk have more inspirations you can draw from, including all the different kinds of lizards in the real world and depictions in many different games.