WotC Video: Keys from the Golden Vault -- Everything You Need To Know!

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Some good writers here:

Here's the writing team: Amanda Hamon, Christopher Perkins, Justice Ramin Arman, Kate Baker, Makenzie De Armas, Dan Dillon, Brooks Donohue, Tim Hitchcock, Sadie Lowry, Jeffrey Ludwig, Sarah Madsen, Mario Ortegón, Ben Petrisor, and T. Alexander Stangroom



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Ona quick scan there appear to be some heisty elements. I rather like the suspicion level mechanic. I am less enamored of the Mission Impossible stylings of the Golden Vault, tho.
I also like the suspicion level mechanic. No chance combat works, so it certainly is a heist style adventure.

Whizbang Dustyboots

100% that gnome
I am less enamored of the Mission Impossible stylings of the Golden Vault, tho.
Me too. I am willing to believe there are groups that wouldn't be caught dead working with a thieves guild like their predecessors would have, but "here's a magic item that doesn't work unless the guards open it with the key someone else in the group is surely carrying, to give you information you could get in a thousand mundane ways" feels very unnecessary.

The good news is that, based on the sample adventure, it looks like the organization can be easily discarded without any real consequence. (Seriously, just have your party's rogue have learned at least part of their trade from a not-totally-evil thieves guild as their background.)

I am extremely pro-heist, but I think Ogre's 13, which references both Ocean's 11 and Reservoir Dogs in its Kickstarter campaign (and comes out around the same time) is more likely to get my money, given the shenanigans of the last month.
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