DMs Guild Villain Backgrounds Volume I, a PWYW supplement that helps you create compelling foes


Villain Backgrounds Volume I

In Dungeons & Dragons, player characters are the protagonists of a campaign or adventure. They roam the world, explore dungeons, slay monsters, and interact with diverse characters. Driving them forward or instigating reactions from them are villains, the antagonists of the campaign or adventure. Most player characters are well-thought out and have interesting personalities. Their menacing mirrors should be the same.

Villain Backgrounds Volume I is a supplement for D&D 5e designed to help Dungeon Masters build compelling villains who are just as layered as the player characters. Like the backgrounds initially included in the Player’s Handbook, the heinous backgrounds found herein include in-depth descriptions of villain types, various inspiration tables, and example villains created with them.

Whether you want to create an intriguing villain in a few minutes or spend an evening constructing the perfect foil to your party, you will find what you need inside this supplement for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

The villain backgrounds in this volume are: the Boorish Thug, the Elder Entity, the Fallen Angel, the Mad Researcher, the Misguided Fool, and the Psychopath.

The supplement is a few purchases away from Silver. If you think it's worth a $1, please go ahead and give it a buy, leave a review, and let your friends know about it. It's my first supplement and the second is currently in the works; it will include a real cover, inner art, and much more!

Here is the link again: Villain Backgrounds Volume I

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