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DB Export Gold 4% abv, 7.2 BA


Bit of a backstory. NZ has 2 macro breweries that traditionally control the market. This has changed in recent years with microbrewery becoming popular.

They have both bought up small breweries that make better beer. Lion Nathan for example owns Emerson's and Mac's that I've posted here. They're not bad for what they are and Emerson's was an early craft beer brewery.

And then there's Dominion Breweries (DB). Note we haven't been a dominion for decades. And the smaller breweries they have bought aren't very good. They're owned by Heineken. Lion Nathan is owned by Kirin a Japanese company.

I haven't drunk NZ lagers from macrobreweries for decades. Unpleasant memories of binge drinking 90's and I didn't like them then.

Between the two companies there's been a long tradition of crap beer sometimes just relabeled for different regions or the same beer just fermented for a week less.

DB Export has kept up that tradition. It was very very average marginally better than Victorian Bitter (VB) from Aussie. Slightly watery with meh to unpleasant aftertaste. Knocked it back faster to leave the restaurant and 4% is so so personally. I prefer a higher % beer drink less of it.

5/10 being generous better than that Ukrainian beer but three way tie between this, VB and that Norwegian beer for meh. At least those ones are closer to 5%.

At least I didn't buy a dozen. Pointless beer since it's in the same price range as all the other macro beers and loses hard vs the various Russian beers, Krombacher, Asashi, Tsingdao, Kingfisher, Heineken, Budweiser etc etc etc.

Outclassed by the wondrous glory of Siberskaya Korona as well.

Carlsberg Pilsner and Krombacher are also cheaper to boot. Extra point if it's free, hot day and you're stuck in Beirut.
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Legal Remedy Brewing Co.'s Pro-Bono Vanilla Porter. "This imperial porter is no ordinary exercise in community service. Aged on oak with coffee and vanilla, it's for the people who need it most. That makes it justice for the masses.". 9% ABV, 38 IBU, 56 SRM. 88= Very Good, 4.06/5 on Beer Advocate.

The vanilla is nicely subtle, the alcohol doesn't taste as strong as a lot of 9 ABVs, but it definitely has some coffee bitterness - just a bit more than I like.



Galactic Cowboy Nitro - Imperial Stout by Left Hand Brewing Co. Beer Advocate has it as 89=Very Good, 3.99/5. 3.81 on Untappd. That feels like a but of an under-rating to me. Nitros usually aren't my favorites... but this is really good.

"Super smooth and cosmically dark.
Blast off into the stratosphere and grab a fistful of stars! Smoother than Solo and darker than the Dark Side, Galactic Cowboy is brewed for cosmic adventure. With notes of bittersweet chocolate and black coffee, this high-octane stout is the fuel you need to wrangle the universe."

9% ABV.


Mr Bland is back in town. Cut back on consumption.


5 friends around a pint per bottle iirc. $2.10 usd each. The beer conundrum.

I can get two dozen beers in special for $38-40 NZD ( $28 usd).

Same price I can get 13 of these. 2.5 standard drinks per bottle.

27.5 standard drinks vs 24. And it's nicer beer. Imported German pilsner at swill prices in town it's $7 usd a 6 pack (1.3 standard drinks each) so two down I'd them is over 20 standard drinks.

As far as cheap summer beer goes it's a ten. Overall 7.5 probably.



Hitting the hard stuff today's. 11am waiting for doctor's visit.

Jaffa thick shake, 0%ABV. Not a great cocktail being honest but the ice cream and chocolate orange flavor is nice. 8.5/10.


Tis the season to be sloshy.

Fa la la la la la la.

Guzzle the booze and you'll be sorry.

Fa la la, la la la.
Not sure what I'll drink come Monday though.

Wife's been buying it at clearance prices from wholesalers. 75-80% off. Not even dated stock.

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