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Virtual Happy Hour (Brews & Spirits, Pics & Reviews)


Untitled Art dessert stouts are always a gamble. The Black & Blue Chocolate Chip Pancake Stout was a losing one. The smell was really enticing but this imperial stout with blackberry and blueberry puree, cacao nibs, maple syrup and milk sugar was way too freaking sweet and syrupy. Not sure how Beer Advocate got a 91 Very Good (4.18/5). Bleh.

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Yuengling_Black and Tan.jpg

(^^ Company pic that I just shrunk down.)

It's a good, solid B&T that doesn't try to do anything fancy and therefore manages not to do anything wrong. I'd say people who like double bocks should enjoy this beer.


Panhead Sandman

Mr Boring strikes back. It's a wait for it ....

Hazy APA. Very smooth and easy to drink. Slightly hoppy but not over the top not as bitter as an IPA.

Reminds me of last week's Orange Roughy and Gorkovskaya APA (Russian beer go F yourself).

At a guess it's stronger than last week's Orange Roughy but the Emersons is nicer. Call it a draw the Emersons has home ground advantage and Upper Hutt us part of our glorious capital (full of hipsters though).


McClouds Far North Chilli Pilsner 5.2 abv.

Poured just looked like generic pale Eurolagers.


Had fairly low expectations. Not really my type of beer but hey. First sip got a pleasant surprise. Could feel the chilli straight away and a slight hop taste. It's kind of like having a hot Indian curry and knocking back a normal lager.

Has Kaitaia fire in it some type of chilli perhaps. Only had it in chocolate before.

Kinda nice I'll give it a 7.5/10. Exceeded expectations but wouldn't buy it at full price. Opportunity cost
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Still in the CDC green, so in person Happy Hour. Frothy Beard Brewery Tides of Galway - Irish Red Ale. 6.2% ABV out of Charleston, SC. 87 Very Good (3.88/5) on Beer Advocate seems about right. Really smooth, but the Caramel and Toffee is just a hint more forward than I'd like.


I don't like soft and fluffy in my art, and I don't like yellow and watery in my beer. :)


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