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No beers at home this week. Went out and had a previously reviewed Skull lager but found something different.

From Mexico 4.7%


A malted whatever this is nice amber colour. Probably a Mexican macro beer. If it is NZ, Aussie and USA are doing something wrong.

Delicious gonna give it an 8/10. Wasn't great just really solid and easy to drink. Not as sweet as my 8.6vgold but some sort of malt taste.

72 on BA I liked it a bit more.

Thought it was an ale derp.

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Irish Cream Dessert Stout from DuClaw Brewery's PastryArchy line. 9.4% ABV.

"Lucky you. Quite the Irish blessing, this brew will envelop you in an enchanting warm, roasty aroma as you sip on a smooth swirl of creamy vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. Sláinte!"

The first sip was really nice. But, while sweetness doesn't seem overpowering, the smoothness isn't too over the top, and the alcohol taste isn't too much -- something altogether just doesn't work for much more than that. Only drank about half. (89=Very Good, 4.01/5 on Beer Advocate. )



Not that sweet I'm guessing, and certainly not brightly colored :)

I don't know what it is about the flavor I didn't like. I've liked sweeter beers than this one.

Mr boring kicked in and I had a German pilsner playing MP Stellaris.

Chocolate stouts and things like yours don't appeal to much. Once in a while or a nice porter or whatever occasionally.
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Satan’s Echo Chamber! Muhahahaha
Two that I tried today. The first was mildly disappointing. A bit old and nothing really special. The second one (the white label) was hideous. It tasted like a mild cleaning solution combined with an infection and bad hops. I hate when I get two duds in a row.

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Sorry just had to chuckle at the description!

I once had an imperial stout that tasted like cough syrup with added sugar and It makes me gag just thinking about it years later!


So guys, IYO, What ABV qualifies a double IPA? The one I showed above was 7.8%, but I've had IPAs that were 7.6%.

IMHO, the bare minimum would be 8%. Triple IPA, starts at no lower than 10%.

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