2000AD Voice of the Law and Crowd Control Exploit

Andrew Dixon

In the group i'm running for, I have 2 street judges who have taken Voice of the Law and the Crowd Control exploits, And its getting somewhat boring for the other players and myself when they lock down an encounter in the first round of combat

I have 2 questions

1. Do you allow Judges to use Law or Intimidate skills to form part of the CHA mental attack, am I being to lenient by allowing skills to be used

2. Any advice on how to curb this behavior and still let them get use out of their character build

my initial thought is to only allow 1 use of VotL or CC to affect a target

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
I do allow those skills, yep. But you're right, it's not intended as a continuous dominate spell - one action only (and they have two actions per round). So it can't really lock anybody down completely -- it's just a single action tax which costs an action to inflict.

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