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Patreon Vote to Help Choose Inkwell Ideas's October 2015 Patreon Icons & Graphics


A few days ago we delivered the September graphics set to our Patreon backers, and now we're getting ready to start our October graphics. We have a survey running through this Monday (the 5th) to help us decide what direction to go with the icons & graphics for each program. Join the Patreon now to get a voice into October's graphics!

Through Patreon, each month we’ll put together at least one pack of 15+ icons for each of our 4 programs: Hexographer, Cityographer, Dungeonographer, and the Coat of Arms Design Studio. (60+ icons in all, and some months we may do two packs of 60+ icons each.) Plus, some icons can be used in multiple tools.

These icons will be PNG (or SVG for the Coat of Arms graphics) and therefore use-able in general image editors as well as other map programs that accept those formats.

Patreon allows you to back projects that deliver smaller, incremental milestones. You pledge a small amount per milestone and you are only charged when the project delivers. You may also cap your pledge to a maximum amount per month.

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