[VtR][Mature] Born into Darkness: Arc 1


Main IC thread for Born into Darkness a Vampire: the Requiem game based in "the City" an unidentified (and imaginary) city located in the mid-west on the banks of a large lake.

This thread is Mature, due partially to the inherent nature of the game (playing deceptive, bloodsucking things-that-look-like-people-but-aren't) and also due to possible themes.

Characters Thread

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Scene 1 Setting

May be changed (i.e. clarified etc) before going up. For now just where i'm at.

[sblock=Blackcoat's "Mansion"]
A rundown mansion tucked away in the Northern forests of the city.

The manse has three full stories, and looks dangerously delapidated from the outside. At one point the woods was cleared away from the central building but in the ensuing years it has slowly crept back. Now vines strangle the Western section of the building.

The single approach to the mansion is an access road off a country lane about a kilometer away. The approach isn't streight preventing sight to the road. The entire thing is cracked by thick tree roots and potholes that threaten to swallow cars whole.

The East wing was apparently the site of some serious, if crude, construction work (probably before the approach became so overgrown). The outer walls have been knocked in, and a signficant amount of concrete has apparently been laid. There is no obvious use for the concrete from the outside and no finishing work has been done.[/sblock]


Beth's Intro

Beth is standing by the this crumbling edifice. She's aware of having gotten in a cab and given the cabbie directions to this place, but up until now everything has been in a haze.

A woman's face floats in her minds eye. She has severe horn rimmed glasses and her hair tied back in a conservative style.
The details are etched so sharply in her eye that the face seems hyperrealistic, small details (a small spot of brown among dyed gray hairs, the furrowed brow, a the reflection of Beth's face in the glasses) seem to leap out.

She was embraced by Constance, a Mekhet. She knows that. But she's not sure how she knows it. Someone would have told her, but who?

Information sits in Beth's head, neatly, like there are little cabinets with little labels.
Now she feels like she's got a lot of it, but spread out on a desk, or dumped in piles around a floor.

Has she met Constance? She must have. The woman made her a vampire, when did they meet?

The answer floats up, unbidden in her mind, A few weeks ago.
But what was she doing between now and then?
Another answer floats up Learning to be a vampire. From Constance.

Again though, details ellude her. It's like she's reading from a script.

A man, the lower part of his face covered by a red scarf comes out of the house in front of her.
There are maybe 10 crumbling stone steps leading up to the front door of the house. He stops at the top and eyes her warily.

"Who are you?" he says.

The fact that Beth's memory is faulty in some sort of inexplicable way is pretty much apparent from the get-go. It's not something she's ever experienced before.[/sblock]
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Diego's Intro


You have a bit of weird begining point. I'd appreciate it if you'd try to run with it "in character". I think that as the game progresses it will make a lot more sense than it does now.

Diego almost lost his seat as the cab hit another pothole.

His cabbie, a wary looking African, had assured him that this was the spot; he seemed to be spending more time watching the trees around him than the road.

As he watched another cab grinding his way down the driveway he could see why he'd been reluctant to go further.
It had been a strange few months since he had met Eustace Vanderchild. Or rather, since Vanderchild had offered him 100 dollars to "interview him". Ostensibly it had been to discuss prision life. Having blown off Boggs' offer to join his gang he'd been at ends while he was thinking about his next step.
Of course the old man hadn't interviewed him at all really. Mostly he'd just waved the tarot card in front of him and said "you're the theif!". And then he'd sucked his blood out and woken him up.
The next few months hadn't progressed any more easily. Vanderchild was apparently pretty much crazy and convinced that there was some sort of cosmic conflict that Diego, as "the theif" was supposed to participate in.

Deigo was still processing what being a Vampire, or Kindred, or Damned or whatever he was supposed to be meant to him. But apparently this meeting that he was supposed to be going to was "important to his destiny". Going to this gathering, whatever it was, seemed to be a small price to pay for getting a night on his own, away from the crazy old coot.

The sound of the taxi hitting a particularly large pothole, and leaving something behind in it, brought Deigo back to the present.
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Freaking crazy ass old man. He was senile anyway. Of course I'm a thief, maybe not the thief. "Hey, take it easy. I don't want to die in this crappy cab. Diego was already getting tired of this guy. Cabbies had a reputation as being bad drivers, but he was one of the worst. "Just stop the d@mn cab. I'll walk. You for d@mn sure aren't getting paid. You almost killed me like ten times. Get outta here before I call the police and you boss. I hope your ass gets fired.

Diego pulls his jacket tight around him and walks up the drive, smiling at his free cab ride. He bends over to appear to be checking his shoes, while he makes sure his knife is in his boot. He had another tucked away safely behind his back, but could feel it and knew it was there. Diego trudged the rest of the way up the driveway and knocked on the door. Wonder who's going to answer. Hell, I wonder what is going to answer.



Behind him Deigo's cabbie honks loudly.

There seems to be an answering howl of a wolf. Perhaps not so far away.

The cabbie stops honking and puts it in reverse, slamming the bottom of his cab all the way back down the hill.
Diego makes good time up the road on foot, passing another cabbie frantically navigating his way down the hill on the way up.

It looks like someone else got here before him.

Diego meant to march directly up to the foot of the mansion, but as he approaches he can see two people standing in front of the house. A man with a red scarf* and a teenage girl in goth attire**.
[sblock=who's who]
*The red scarf is a vampire called Nice. He doesn't trigger frenzy.
**Beth; industrygothica's character. She does trigger frenzy. He passes.
Beth will have to make a check upon seeing Diego.

The man in the red scarf is wearing some sort of black poncho. He's standing at the top of the steps looking down at Beth.

[sblock=To Only]
Please give ig a chance to make a post for Beth before Diego announces his presence.
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Biggs "awakes" again. He's still tied up firmly in a metal coffin.
The, increasingly familiar, Indian face comes into view, finger over pursed lips lips. A voice from outside of Biggs' view bellows "Reggie?"
The short man quickly replaces the cover of the coffin.

Biggs can make out this so called "LB" through an air hole. Everything alright Reggie?
"The gentlemen rest comfortably. I just checked them myself."
"Great. I don't want any f______ mishaps on the way to Blackie's."

The coffin is unceremoniously loaded into large vehicles. The trip takes about 45 minutes.

This actually occured a couple of hours before Beth and Diego arrive at the mansion.
Sorry. Going to take a few more posts to get you into IC thread.[/sblock]


Graf said:
"Who are you?" he says.

"I..." She stumbles over her words as she takes in the strange surroundings and the odd man in front of her. "I'm Beth," she finally says, as if he should know. She thinks that she must feel a bit like Alice after falling through the rabbit-hole.

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