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WOIN W.O.I.N. Healing Attribute Damage


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There are at least a couple of things in O.L.D. that do attribute damage (Breath of Dead Men pistol, scarlet malady disease) but I can't find a rule about healing it. Is there a way to heal attribute damage?

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We have decided that attribute damage can be healed by rolling an END dice pool once per day and healing 1 point of attribute damage for each die that comes up 5 or 6.

We're playing a Pathfinder AP, so this is something that comes up and we needed a way to handle it with O.L.D. rules.


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Recover 1d6 per day. I thought that was in there, but you're right, it's not. Attribute damage is pretty rare.

(As in, if you're at a penalty of -2d6, recovering 1d6 means you'renow at a penalty of -1d6).
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The rule I was presenting on Friday was not your END dice but the dice from the affected attribute.

Your dice for the reverse countdown would be your current attribute dice for the affected attribute, plus dice any doctor’s Logic plus medicine skill roll.

The heal magic skill will also give you a spell that gives you 1 die per 2 MP.

Each roll of a 5 or 6 would heal 1 point of attribute damage.

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