W3: The Eidolon (Bront Judging)

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First Post
Alright. Sorry about the delay.

Fact is, I can't figure out where to start with XP. I haven't kept detailed records, and going back now to dig through threads to figure out what you've fought would be a sincere pain in the butt.

That being said, I'll be approximating, but I'll be erring on the side of the PCs. So, that should be a plus for you guys. Also, I'll be counting Time XP as if you had already levelled up, to give you the higher amount.

Cuz I'm nice like that.

Chapter Two: The Battle at the Pit
Hobgoblins Killed: CR 1/2 each. Total: 3,000/6 = 500 XP each
Ogre Barbarian: CR 7. Total: 3,600/6 = 600 XP each
Escaping the "thing": Total: 1,200/6 = 200 XP each
Total: 1,300 XP.

Total XP Rewards (Base + 8 Months' Time XP)
T'Ranis: 1,300 + 1,600 XP = 2,900 XP total
Guardian: 1,300 + 1,200 XP = 2,500 XP total
Haltash: 1,300 + 1,600 XP = 2,900 XP total
Tondrek: 1,300 + 1,600 XP = 2,900 XP total
Lor: 1,300 + 1,600 XP = 2,900 XP total
Shadow: 1,300 + 1600 XP = 2,900 XP total

That being done, a quick apology. My notes are really not as complete as I'd hoped. Now, I'll be rejiggering some things over the next few days, on my trip to Vancouver this weekend. I hope to actually stat down everything from here on in. Hopefully, we can speed this up, because I realize I'm the one slowing it down.

Inactive PCs will be dropped off at the start of the next chapter, as it is not a particularly violent chapter and it is a good dropping off point. New hires may be available.


First Post
You bet. You're on the ship right now, and have time to gain levels, fully heal, and all that jazz. As I said earlier, I'm working on getting this one going and a bit clearer. The next little bit is an RP encounter of sorts, with minimal combat. So that should be fun.

I'll let everyone have a chance to level up, make a post here to lemme know if they've levelled, and then I'll actually describe what's going on.

Also, now that I have Dundjinni, I can post some fairly pretty maps that make combat *so* much easier for me to run.

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