Wanted exotic species and races to exam or interview


Agudo Archmage

A colorfully dressed wizard in stylish blue and white robes steps up the boards and leaves a hand written tan parchment.
Those who read it find…


Wanted exotic species and races to exam or interview.
This will be done by me Agudo Archmage of Light and Headmaster of the School of Light and Magic
Any help you give will not only expand the schools knowledge and help untold researchers across the Realms.
Their could be possible financial award, for those who bring in the more rare life forms.

Thank you
please leave a reply hear if you have anything to offer.

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Lord Tarran

Seeing this post, Tarran smiles. Coming out of wolf form, as a quill comes to his hand, his scribbles:

Dearest Agudo,
I have an extremely interesting specimen for you to interview. Myself. Tell me when and where, and I will see you there.

Tarran Wolfsong


Agudo Archmage

First contact

Returning the next morning, after a fabulous breakfast at a sweet halflings lasses outdoor café that was near by.
The blond hared wizard walks up to his notice, and happily sees he has a reply.

Quickly taking out a burgundy parchment and a white feather pin that always makes his snow owl frown at the sight.

He then quickly leaves a reply.

“Kind Tarran Wolfsong Veran, I would be most interested in your find. Can you share with me on this public notice what it is that I will be interviewing?
Also I have found a quaint place not to far away called the Safe Haven INN.”

Have you heard of it?
Just leave me your description and I shall meet you there.
“If you need direction just ask the Emporium guide and she will help you.”

Thank You

Headmaster Agudo


Lord Tarran

Tarran sees the posts, and turns pale.

He writes:

It would be better if we did not meet there. Somewhere else, perhaps?
Also, I would preferr not to share details in such a public place.



Agudo Archmage

A Place To Meet

Latter that day the Archmage of Light walks with an arm full of scrolls, tomes and books.
Some written in odd dialects and strange writings, others in common.
Seeing that Tarran has given his reply, the mage stops and considers the words that have been written.

With his arms full of tomes, the wizard mumbles a few words; and with flash a new elegant violet writing paper is left above the last one.

If looked at it says…

“If quaint Inns are not your cup of tea then maybe a more musically inclined tavern and Inn will suffice.

Its called the Flute and Boot Inn, just days march from Baldurs gate, on the Sword Coast.

Its owned by a student of mine a lovely Elf named Kulideb.
She would be more than happy to put you up for the night, and I shall of course, shall pay for you lodging.’

As far as not telling me what you have found, I understand, so many thieves theses days just looking for an easy mark.”

From Agudo
Headmaster of the School of Light and Magic


Lord Tarran

Seeing the response, Tarran nods. He writes:

Good. I will meet you there.

((You make the first post please.))


Agudo Archmage

((OOC OK I Did))

Agudo walked up and was pleased to see that they had found a place to meet.

He then wrote on fine yellow parchment the following.

Wonderful my friend please look for and blond haired wizard in Blue and White robes, with a white owl near him.

From Agudo Headmaster of the School of Light


Agudo Archmage

The Coin

Lady Hoot landed near by, checking on the morning notices.
Seeing an unsigned paper, she takes the time to give the mysterious person a reply.

“Your economic interest will be compensated, only when we see the value of the rare animal or sentient being.”

Lady Hoot High Cleric of Light.



*from a swirl of sea mist that flavors the air with the smell of the ocean, emerges the form of a young woman. Her rich chestnut hair is braided back from her pale and beautiful face . Each subtle sensual movement of her body beneath its gown of green, gossamer silk like a piece of artfully choreography . She reads the wizards post with a slow and mischivious smile then scribes a reply on the bottom of the last post *"I am a queen of the exotic. I am mistress of the rare. I am Sirine meet with me and prepare to be dazzled"


Agudo Archmage


Artwork copyright © 2003, Gordon R. Quigley

Looking over the daily advertisements, the blue & white robes wizard, walks along mumbling to himself.

“Pixie dancers!
We do parties..and.. weddings.”

He smirks then moves on to a pink parchment.
“Flying… pig!
Only slightly used…owner is DangerFly?”

Agudo shakes his head.
“Wait until I talk with that rascally Gnome!
She will be reminded of how much legal trouble she caused me”

Then seeing his own advertisement he smiles.
“Ahh another reply.”

Agudo takes out a white-feathered pin that makes his friend the Snow Owl frown.
And leaves a reply.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very interested in rare and exotic creatures.
I can only hope your kind is as dazzling as you say.

Please meet me at the Flute and Boot Inn, just days march from Baldurs Gate, on the Sword Coast.

Its owned by a student of mine a lovely Elf named Kulideb.
She would be more than happy to put you up for the night, and I shall of course, shall pay for you lodging.

Headmaster of the Agudo School of Light and Magic.




At 6 foot and two inches in height a slim elegant figure steps out from a fog bank. Her long sea green hair extends down below her waist and like fine silky sea weed it flows about her form as if still in the ocean. Her face is ageless supremely beautiful. Her gown is a blend of green and blue silk. Over her shoulders hangs a voluminous cape trimmed with white fur that looks like foaming breakers. A tall collar similarly trimmed rises from the back of the neck. A circlet of silver inset with iridescent mother of pearl holds back her hair from her face and bares the sign of Umberlee (the witch queen) at the forehead. She approaches the boards and pins a reply on the wizards thread*
"there will be no meeting with the sirine I Antigonie forbid it My daughters foolishness is only out done by her vanity. No blood of mine will spill the secrets of the Sirine to those that would hawk the blueprints for our destruction to anyone with the price of a book. Beware sea travel wizard the eyes of Umberlee are upon you" she looks briefly to see what other foolish persons have answered the wizard and snorts derisively before returning to where she came.

Epic Threats

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