Wanted: Humanoid Kaiju (Gargantuan)


Hi, I intended to post this on these boards a few days ago, but they took the long dirt nap. So, I posted on Wizards.COM, but perhaps not unexpectedly, there have yet to be any replies. (These boards seem a lot 'friendlier' -- ya'll are like kin, ya are... aw shucks... I'm fittin' to blush...).

Anyway, with the kaiju chicken and 200'-woman (from the previous EN boards), I figured this was the place to go.

The request:

I'm converting OA6 Ronin Challenge to 3e OA and need a little help.

In the module there is a valley with a "humanoid gargantuan," or kaiju in 3e terms.

The problem is I don't have a copy of the Dragon with the kaiju template. Can someone help me out?

I know "kaiju" is a template in 3e, but in 1e gargantua were simply monsters unto themselves. Since it's "humanoid," I assume a template based on a human would work. (Ummm, a Commoner 1 kaiju?)

Here's its 1e stats with conversions in 3e, though I expect the final version to be different:

HD 38d8
HP 200
AC 4 (AC 16)
THACO 4 (+16 attack)
Damage 4d10/4d10
SA Trample 10d10
SQ Really mad and wants to eat PCs

If you like, I will certainly put your name (or CB handle) on the conversion credits. You can see what I have so far at www.geocities.com/winspir/convert/oa6_ronin.htm .


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exempt said:
Anyway, with the kaiju chicken and 200'-woman (from the previous EN boards), I figured this was the place to go.
see, I've always known that I've had a purpose in life. :)


DM: "OK, you've been wandering for weeks in the jungle, dodging snakes and yuan-ti, when you come upon a secluded valley. Your trip between the rough but verdant walls of the canyon is suddenly interrupted by thunderous booms of what can only be footsteps... and before you, parting the trees like so many chopsticks, stands... um, a 200-foot tall woman."

Player 1: "I attack her!"

DM: "With what?"

Player 1: "Me!"

Player 2: "Yeah, me too!"

Player 3: "I cast charm person on myself!"

Player 4: (Dejected) "Guess I should've memorized that viagra cantrip after all..."

DM: .....
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just a start ...

wow okay ... here's some fast rules for ya (I don't think I'm gonna try to figure this out)

size: Colossal ... see size inc in the MM (don't forget they are cumulative)

HD: same +40 (that'd be 41d4 hd for you commoner)

... holy heck there's a lot here (reading it over again), yeah buddy, I think you're gonna either have to find a copy or wait until a more patient soul stops by ...:)

wow! dude you're players are gonna flip if they ever have to go agains this thing!

buena suerte!


Don't forget that +20 bonus to cha, now if the base is a commoner with average stats (11 in cha) the Giant Female Kaiju (GFK) would have a whopping 31 in cha! :eek:


Thanks for the attempt.

Maybe we'll have to resort to the GFK.

The PCs aren't supposed to fight it (and win), just run.


I was skipping throught the new monster manual and I thought that perhaps you could use a Titan for this one (advance it a little to gargantuan, change the alignment as you wish and alter the powers if need be, but the stats would be there).

Okay here is a humanoid kaiju based a 1st level human warrior.

Humanoid Kaiju
Male human War1 Kaiju CR 15 Colossal Humanoid (human) HD 41d8+492 hp 676 Initiative –2 (Dex) Speed 30 ft AC 21 (-8 size, -2 Dex, +31 natural) Attacks Giant Club +33/+28/+23/+18 melee Damage Club 2d8+20 Face/Reach 40 ft by 40 ft/20 ft SA: Trample, ranged attack SQ: DR 25/+5, darkvision 120 ft, fire resistance 50, SR 25, immune to mind-influencing effects, fast healing 20 SV: Fort +34 , Ref +11, Will +14, Str 50, Dex 7, Con 34, Int 5, Wis 12, Cha 31 AL whatever
Skills and Feats: Climb +30, Jump +30, Intimidate +21, Swim +30, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Trample, Power Attack
A kaiju using a 1st level human warrior as the base creature
Trample (Ex): As a standard action during its turn each round, the kaiju can run over opponents of Gargantuan size or smaller. The trample deals 4d12+10 damage, Reflex save (DC 42) for half damage. With its Improved trample feat, the kaiju does not draw any attacks of opportunity from opponents being trampled and does double damage to structures being trampled.
Ranged Attack: The kaiju has some kind of ranged attack (+31 to attack), like maybe hurdling boulders or people through the air, which does 4d6+20. It has a 200 ft range increment and the kaiju can make one attack per round using this method of attack.


Psychotic Jim -

Thank you!!!

You earn a place in my "Gargantua of the Boards" list.

I'll list your id in the credits. If you want a more specific credit, please email me at winspir@yahoo.com.

Thanks again!

Kaiju comin' at ya!