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Wanted: Non planetouched/genasi ECL 1

Dave G

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My character died last night, and I have to create a new one, the rest of the party's playing Aasimar, and my last character was an Air Genasi. I want something different.

I was first looking for a Template that gave a +1 but didn't find anything. I was going to play an aquatic elf with something to give a +1, but I may have to give up on that.

Any thoughts, I don't have the wide variety of books that we as a board are likely to have access too, but I figure maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any help!!! :)

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Savage Species has the Half-Ogre as a nice ECL +1 race -- large size and great strength, with goo dbalance and abilities for a melee class...

Maitre Du Donjon

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Might I ask why you want to play a race that has an ECL of +1?

Why not play a regular race? You'll probably be at an advantage since your level will likely be better.

Maitre D

Dave G

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I have no choice but to play an ECL +1 as all of the players agreed on that at the start of the campaign.

I'll check out the half-ogre... I wonder if they have a half-merrow variant?


Dave G said:
I wonder if they have a half-merrow variant?

Granted, merrow are limited to freshwater, unless the DM rule-zeros them (as I did, for my undersea game). In my campaign, I have the kresh, a half-troll (scrag) / half-ogre (marine merrow). I also added merrow mage (marine ogre mage). Savage Species details the scrag, merrow, and half-ogre while Fiend Folio has a half-troll template. I also kept the sea hobgoblin (koalinth), and added marine kobolds (iblishi), orcs (krana), and goblins (blinogo). Then there is the matter of other crossbreeds, such as my bakaruda, a koalinth/sahuagin hybrid.

A DRAGON article once detailed the greenhag as being the offspring of a night hag and ogre. I took that a step further (actually I took it several steps further, devising the Night Hag Family Tree), deciding that the sea hag was the daughter of a night hag and merrow. This led me to design a half-hag template and the hag-touched.


Check out Green Ronin's Bastard & Bloodlines... there are only a couple of ECL +1 races there, but one of them is, I believe, a half-merfolk race. I think there is a another that is half-lizardfolk.



IIRC, the hobgoblin is now officially ECL* +1. It's a bit on the weak side of ECL +1, though; especially compared to the half-ogre.

I think the winged template in Savage Species is ECL +1, too; take a regular race, and add it.

*(Shouldn't this technically be LA +1?)


Bariaur from Manual of the Planes is ECL +1.

+2 Str, -2 cha, charge attack, Spell Resistance, save bonus, outsider, FC: Ranger.


Also, Hengiyokai (sp), the shape-chaning animal-men from Oriental Adventures are a steal at ECL +1.

If you are at all still interested in planetouched, try Monster Manual 2 and Fiend Folio for some new types.
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Brown Jenkin

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From Races of Faerun:

Forest Gnome +1 ECL (but then you would be playing a gnome so that could be a problem)

Afflicted Lycanthrope +1 ECL (but this could prove inconvienient also)

From Oriental Adventures:

Hengeyokai +1 ECL (Oriental shapeshifters)

From Rokugan:

Nezumi (Crippled Bone) +1 ECL (Barbarian rat people)

Naga (Asp) +1 ECL (Large humanoid snake)

[Edit: beaten to the punch on Hengeyokai]
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Psychotic Jim

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IF you wanted to go to an evolutionarily-regressed, caveman version of a humanoid there is always the Feral Template from Savage Species that is +1 LA.

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