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The Cloaked Man

First Post
A rather slight figure in a dull gray cloak steps hurriedly to the boards, posts the missive, hurriedly leaving once it's done.


Her crimes include, but are not limited to, treason against the Matron, blasphemy, theft, and slander against House Baenre.

This message was posted at the behest of House Baenre and Matron Mother Triel Baenre.

Should one encounter said offender, one is obligated to deliver her to Menzoberranzan at once. The reward for this is set at 2000 platinum and may be negotiable.


Triel Baenre
Matron, House Baenre


Gromph Baenre
Archwizard, House Baenre


Ilta gragg'rethen lgor wund, drill inbal naut fle'nruid ulu, chiana qua'laen l' Ilharess, cha'kohk qua'laen Lolth, xusst kl'ae d' jalbyr's jinique, lu' ulnen qua'laen Qu'ellar Baenre.

Nindol char'riss zhahus morfel izwin a l' quarth d' Qu'ellar Baenre lu' Ilharess Ilhar Triel Baenre.

Zhal'la uss thalra l' ilythiiri crupowl d' xusst xunin, uss zhah aske'th ulu sila ilta ulu Menzoberranzan a h'uena. L' ke'hl'ash whol nindol zhah sei'lor a 2000 platinum lu' xal naut tlu sei'lor wun khaliizi.


Triel Baenre
Ilharess, Qu'ellar Baenre


Gromph Baenre
Archwizard, Qu'ellar Baenre​

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First Post
-written in flowing elven-like script-
Since when has the First House relied on others to do their dirty work? Ahh yes, always, due I am sure to the Matron being more or less totally inept.Also, no one is obligated to do anything said by House Baenre for several reasons,such as this being on a whole seperate plane.I did not know that they were quite that cocky as to think that they had any authority here, especially when triel can not even run her city.

Walk in Eilistraee's light
-signed with a twisted drow house rune and a symbol of a sword over a full moon-


First Post
The cloaked and shadowed figure pauses at the message board, having seen the abnormally large writing in her own native tongue. She reads the message, and then sighs, faintly

. o O (I see the disease that is House Baenre spreads ever further. One would have hoped they had been crushed out by now.)

Shaking her head ruefully, she continues on her way

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