Pathfinder 2E Wanting to Change the AP We Started - Advice?

Paizo definitely over-writes their stories, IMO. (I would say that WotC does too. I'd take something like Barrowmaze over Storm King's Thunder, for example.)
Absolutely. I've been DMing for 40 years, and I find the number of NPCs, the details of their backgrounds, the convoluted plots and motivations in Paizo APs are way too much.

Over-writing is another case where publishers are catering to one segment of the market - those who buy adventures to read, at the expense of another - GMs who want something straightforward to run at the table. I'd wager vanishingly few GMs who homebrew come up with adventures anywhere close to as complicated as Paizo, and to a lesser extent WotC, make their published campaigns.

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Dusty Dragon
Well, after talking to my group, over half the players don't care to continue with Pathfinder at all. So I guess I'm wrapping up that system and maybe forging ahead with something else? Thanks for all the advice.

I had to stop a campaign because it wasn't working, and 2020 was a factor, don't blame yourself.

If half the players AND the GM aren't having fun, it's time to change things. You took the right decision. Mildly curious as to what else you will be running :)

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