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War of the Burning Sky in Eberron


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Has anyone thought about adapting the Burning Sky campaign to Eberron? With the relase of Forge of War (which I've yet to purchase, unfortunately), it seems like a war-themed campaign could work pretty well during the Last War.

My initial thoughts were to substitute Coaltongue's death for the death of King Jarot and the collapse of Galifar. However, now I'm not so sure that would work out the way I like. There's enough differences in the two stories to make adaptation tricky, and the early parts of the war will be missing out on a lot of the cool stuff from Eberron, such as warforged and airships.

My plan now is to have "Coaltongue" be the King of Karrnath, either Kaius II (if set late in the war) or Kaius III (if set during the postwar period). Essentially, the ruler disappears and the local warlords Blood of Vol, and Emerald Claw start gearing up for war as they try to fill the power vaccuum. The campaign then proceeds mostly the same, but either in the context of the Last War, or with the threat of a new war on the horizon.

Some ideas on the Eberron equivalents of WotBS elements (Eberron and Burning sky spoilers follow):

Leska = Vol. An crazed immortal priestess and a crazed lich sorceress are pretty durn close. In this scenario, Vol takes advantage of Kaius' absence to attempt to re-take control of the Kingdom of Karrnath. Naturally, she's also working on her super-weapon (ie eldritch machine) to finally take her vengeance on the world. Not sure how the mage souls & trillith would work into things yet.

Oh, and the Inquisitors in the army could be Blood of Vol clerics who are finally moving out of their last temple. Reading Five Nations, it seems to me that the church in Karrnath is mostly nationalistic and tied up with the government, so there might not be an immediate force to oppose a swift move by the cult.

Ragesia = Karrnath. Pretty much covered this already. Either Kaius II dies while the next king is absent, or Kaius III goes off on some anti-Vol related quest and gets himself in serious trouble. Either way, the absence of a king allows all sorts of nasty things to come out of the woodwork. Karrnath seems as militaristic as Ragesia, and has undead instead of outer planar nasties. Also, they don't get along with Thrane...

Shahalesti = Thrane. Sort of traditional good guys, but still kind of scary. Regardless of the PCs' allegiance, being in between Thrane and Karrnath would be very bad. Thrane can still dislike half-orcs, along with other nonhumans (especially shifters). They can still conjure celestials to help with the war, which is something I like about the Shahalesti. And the geography makes sense, since both countries border each other.

Gate Pass = Thaliost or Olath. Both of these towns are on the Thrane/Karrnath border and are were heavily contested during the war. Both are also isolated from the rest of the country, which would make them ideal for an army to besiege and use as a foothold. My preference is Thaliost, because it was at one time Aundair, which makes things even more convoluted. Former Aundair citizens would make good resistance members, opposing both sides. OTOH, Olath is right next to the Burnt Wood, which could easily become the Burning Wood for chapter 2.

Seaquen = Stormhome. Another vote for Thaliost being the contested town. The Dragonmarked houses were neutral during the war, and the Eberron books describe Stormhome as sort of this Casablanca style neutral port full of spies and intrigue. It seems like the best place for refugees to head (other possibilities are Aundair or the Eldeen Reaches).

That's the basic setup. I'm still not sure how I'd handle Pilius or the trillith, or some of the other countries. My initial idea was to associate the trillith with the Dreaming Dark, but it doesn't seem like the nightmare creatures really take on themes like "Indominability" (though I could always write it in). Also, the Dreaming Dark seeks to conquer the world, not open the gates between Eberron and Dal Quor (at least to me knowledge).

As for Pilius, no idea, as I haven't read that far in the series yet. I like the idea of having just a plain old, evil human villain in the game. OTOH, I remember reading somewhere that his airship is organic or something, and that just screams daelkyr. As for his grudge with Stormhome, again, no idea. Maybe House Lyrander stole some airship plans from him.

Anyone have any ideas they can add, or comments? Anyone tried this yet?

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I have posted in one of the Publisher forum threads..

I am running WoBS in Eberron, however I peeled back the clock a couple of years and plunked Ragesia into the heart of what will be Riedra in Sarlona.

} The book, Secrets of Sarlona {SoS} speak of a time, just about when Lhazaar set sail from a port which was ready to fall to outside forces {Seaquin} where great wars were waged with arcane might.

My story line is that the Trillith are a faction of Quori who are looking for another way to escape/save Dal Quor. THe religious set-up is basically the same however there is no pantheon... simply many individual dieties. {altho the kernal of change may occur at the PC's behest in Module #3}
Psionics are rare, altho becoming more a part of daily life. The Trillith abilities are all either psionic in nature or the Dream feats from SoS

This has kept me from having to figure who is who while still placing the adventure in an established world.

The fun part is that the other faction of the Quori who are trying to bring about the first Inspired might be working either angle.. and thier goals may be furthered either by the Ragesian defeat, or by thier success. Until I see the later modules I am not sure which side they will fall on, but I know that the Khalastar will make a showing by way of the Monks of the Echoed Souls.

The links to the 'modern' Eberron setting will be the flight of the pirates, led by a fearless lass under the name of Lhazaar, as well as some Dhakanni connections in Ragesia. Shifters exists, but not the Warforged.

Many of the ways Ranger Wickett is presenting the Monks fit nicely into Eberrons cycle, as do a number of other aspects. The entire Fire Forest acts like a manifest zone to Fernia, meaning I have solid mechanics to back up the weirdness that happens there.

So far it has been good, but when we get to Module #3 {probably next month} and delve into the society at large is when the setting will get tested.


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I thought about setting it in Sarlona, especially since Riedra is pretty much the ultimate evil empire. And Secrets of Sarlona was a damn cool book. But I've yet to run anything in Eberron at all, so I wanted to start with the main setting first.

Thanks for the idea on the manifest zone! I'd totally forgotten about those. If there's enough odd environments with trillith in the campaign, maybe I'll just make them some sort of extraplanar race and forget about the dream connection.

Well, dreams are pretty integral to the concept of the trillith, since:

Major mystery spoilers
Trillith are born from the dreams of a sleeping dragon, whose spirit is partially bound to the Torch of the Burning Sky. Waking/freeing/killing her in order to fix the Torch is one of the major pieces of the campaign's endgame.[/sblock]

By the way, I love hearing how the campaign saga fits into other settings. And turning Leska into Vol is surprisingly appropriate. Both have a bit of a 'blood' theme, and the inquisitors could swap out bear skull masks for dragon skull masks, perhaps. Good luck.


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Thanks for the info! That's sort of the way I thought things were working.

My current plan is to have the trillith be a new occurance in Eberron, more like psychic projections than dreams. Just because they're born in dreams doesn't make them come from Dal Quor specifically. Given how things finally end up, I'll probably have their source be one of the children of Khyber who was bound with him.