Warforged Creation Forges


ThorneMD said:
Simple Question

How many Warforged can a creation forge pump out in one day?
How many 'Forged could a Creation Forge forge if a Creation Forge could forge 'Forged?

Somebody had to do it. ;)

Depends on how many you as DM say were in existance. If there were hundreds of 'Forges across Khorvaire, then I'd say maybe two or three a day. If only say one per major city, then up to a hundred or two hundred a day, I'd guess. But figuring there were armies in the thousands of Warforged, and there were maybe 40,000 left by war's end, they'd have to be turning out hundreds a day continent-wide.


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Since a creation forge is an artifact-- or rather an eldritch machine, which is much the same thing-- it moves at the speed of plot. It is unhampered by any actual rules, and makes as many or as few warforged per day as is most appropriate for the current dramatic situation.
Keep in mind that it is a _forge_ and not a factory. Eberron economics is still very pre-industrial. That is to say, craft-workers still dominate over factories. Creation forges do not stamp Warforged out of sheet metal and send them on down the line like so many tin lizzies.

Speed of plot, though, is probably the limit.


Warehouse23 said:
Keep in mind that it is a _forge_ and not a factory. Eberron economics is still very pre-industrial. That is to say, craft-workers still dominate over factories. Creation forges do not stamp Warforged out of sheet metal and send them on down the line like so many tin lizzies.
Yup. Maybe a creation forge can pump out thousands a day, but they have to have the "pre-activated" warforged available and the process of making those is very time intensive.


Hm. One of my (high-level) players wants to construct his own forge. As such, should I allow him to succede, what would be a good rate? Suggestions?


this is more of a political issue than anything else.

In my game, the character would need:

1) The plans for a creation forge, held only by House Cannith

2) To avoid the attention of House Cannith, because the warforged are THEIRS!

3) To avoid the attention of EVERYONE else because creation forges are ILLEGAL according to the Treaty of Thronehold

4) the Mark of Making, presumably though since the method of creating warforged was originally from Xen'Drik there should be a way around this.

I would make this a HUGE, VAST, AMAZINGLY LARGE, GINORMOUS, AWESOME, and OVERWHELMINGLY SIGNIFICANT plot point in a larger story. I would not allow this as simply the whim of a character.



I'm not running ebberon, but I'm borrwing snippits from it. In my campaign...

1) Only one forge ever exists, and it has only so far turned out a total of 10 warforged, and then the forge was smashed.

2) The civilization that built the above 10 warforged is in the process of dying due to lack of resources (including but not limited to food), and is also suffering tremendous losses due to nearly constant draconic attacks on the major cities. As such, mechanical men would be welcomed by just about everyone.

3) Not illegal, though that might change.

On the other hand... I think I've already come up with a limiter for my campaign. (House Rule) Making a Warforged requires splintering off a shard of your own soul and mind and personality to infuse in the warforged. That would limit production quite well...
It's not an unreasonable goal for a character, but bear in mind that it's a massive goal, one that will likely be a campaign-ender if he accomplishes it.

An alternative course of action...

The character has to search Xen'drik for the plans that Merrix d'Cannith based his original creation forges on.

He has to adapt the design; Cannith forges require the Mark of Making... is that an intentional design feature, or a consequence of the way the forge works?

If he wants to make Warforged, he needs to find out how to do that, too. The creation forges were used for more than making Warforged, if I recall correctly.

It's comparable to a character in Greyhawk making the overthrow of Iuz his personal goal in life. It's a fine goal, but don't expect to be easy.


I know this is a long read but it will be worth it as noone has mentioned the following:

Remember, pumping out warforged isn't just as easy as that. There are materials required. Stone, iron, dark wood not to mention mithral and adamantine. That means, an average warforged weighing between 272 and 318 pounds would cost in raw materials, whatever their cost price would be. That being said, adamantine (weighing double) or Mithral (weighing half), would also have an effect on the price. (this all depends on the proportion of what each material ect is used to build a warforged but is a good place to start) That price however would be for the body of the warforged only.

The true question arises in giving it sentience. You would indefinitely need to treat it as you're creating sentience similar to creating a homunculi and there would be an exp cost involved. There would then also be additional gold that needs to be spent (as with creating a magic item 25/2 times the exp used). The question that needs to be answered is, how much exp does sentience cost? 100% complete sentience that is 100% independent from yourself as the creator. A homunculus as created by an artificer costs 2000 gold and 160XP yet is always dependent on the master and can only ever have 2hd lower than its master's max. That being said it also can't take class levels nor is it capable of independent reasoning. With this in mind, would it cost 3x more exp to create a sentient being? 5x?
(or would one say that sentience is granted by the creator same/similar to the homunculi? Also how does the character level seeing as a homunculi requires exp cost from his maker. Could one they perhaps say that every level gained after sentience is bestowed upon a new living construct, that the exp cost is paid by the Deieties of eberron? Or even from Siberys, Khyber or Eberron themselves? Is this not perhaps the crux of the Draconic Prophecy itself? That the new race, that never sleeps, rests or ages, taps exp from the original three creators of the realm and that have, in essence the potential to outgrow even the Dragons and eventually ascend to God-hood? )

Another point to consider is the creation forge. How does it work? Without a creation forge, there is no warforged. Is it a structure built and fueled by bound a powerful elemental or elementals? This makes the most sense to me seeing as binding elementals is what fuels eberron from the Lightning Rail of House Orien to the airships of House Lyrandar. The forge would no doubt be an artifact level item but exactly how does it work, what spells, feats, Caster levels are necessary in order for the forge to operate?

Thanks to those dedicated eberron fanatics that were willing to read through my long post