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So a PC at my table wants to play a warforged artificier that is the size of a child, where they were designed to sneak around and invent weapons for the war, but ran away after learning his creations were being made for war. He left with his Steel Defender to explore the world and what the PC asked was if he could have the warforged be a small race with 25 movement and the problems that small races had so he could ride the steel defender into battle. Would you allow this?

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I would allow it. I wouldn’t even dock the movement. Goblins move at 30. An indefatigable warforged should be able to keep that pace.

And also because most small pc races have abilities to counterbalance the penalties for being small.


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Back in 3.5 (in the Monster Manual 3) there was a variant on the Warforged race called the Warforged Scout, which was a small sized warforged designed for sneaking around. For the quick and dirty conversion: Change the normal Warforged size to small, swap +2 con with +2 dex, and I suppose throw on a minor bonus to sneaking in exchange for being slower.

So would you allow the PC to have 30ft of speed as well?

Given that the proposed character is almost never going to get off their mech-mount I wouldn't worry about it.

If I was designing mini-Warforged as a published race I'd probably make them 25 ft though, along with some sort of special ability to make them worthwhile for people who didn't need their character to be small for small's sake.

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