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Warhammer 1st Updated


I have just uploaded Warhammer 1st Updated to the downloads area.

To Start tocreate a character

Step 1: Enter an x into the first square "Race and Gender" and followthe prompts

Step 2: Enter an x into the second square "Career Class andskills" and follow the prompts

Step 3: Enter an x into the third square "First Career andskills", Then press "Enter" and follow the prompts

The second and following Careers are entered by selecting the Current Career"Drop Down"

you will have to enter any equipment, weapons and armour after the first career

You can change any fields you wish to but if you select any Skills that willmodify the "Profile" (i.e. "Very Strong") after you createdthe first career you will need to modify the "Skills Benefits"manually

if you want don't want to randomize the "Starting Profile" and"Fate" enter that before you start to create the character

The Ogre's weight is based off the Strenght

if you wish to modify the Ogre Strenght and Intelligence per the "IMPERIAL OGRES" I would do that after Step 1

the first career % skills have been randomized and will be entered if the % roll was made by the PDF SetRandom(100) function, but the % weapons have not been coded yet, so you will have to manually roll for % equipment and enter them manually

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.

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