D&D 5E Warlock Pact of the Talisman--What Am I Missing?

With the psi rogue and the new fightees second wind, wher you don't use a charge if you still fail, I hope they define fail better.

Can you fail a perception check to find traps if there is none present?

Assume you roll a 15. No trap. Do you give the die back? Does the player assume there is a trap with higher DC?
Don't you give it back. Can the player assume that everything is safe?

What if there is indeed a higher DC trap.

Same for talisman. You roll a 15 and find no trap. Should they use a talisman? Should the DM tell them: you can't use it as you successfully checked the hallway.
Should the DM let them, knowing it is futile?
Should the DM just tell the player to decide themself if it is a failure or not?
Don't check for traps, check to confirm the absence of traps.

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