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Warlock variants (both in style and as variants of other classes) ?


I am curious as to how many and what type of variant warlocks have been created at ENWorld. I have seen the alienist warlock, the celestial variant, and even a psionic variant. I have also found a monk variant (the Mantra Monk).

Have other variants been made?

Perhaps more to the point, I am curious if a bard or druid variant has been made. (The bard especially seems like an obvious choice, with its bardic music being nearly at will and its notably reduced spell list compared to full casters.) A druid variant is nearly as interesting, with wild shaping perhaps taking the place of eldritch blast and the spells being replaced by various invocations. Even a ranger version comes to mind as potentially possible, despite the fact that I prefer a less magical variant rather than a more magical one.

Have such been made? I am considering - if such have been made - using them in a lower magic campaign to start sometime in the next several months. I could make them myself, but why reinvent the wheel when it is easier to use one already created.

As another option, perhaps there are pdfs at the enworld store that deal with variant warlocks or warlock versions of mildly to strongly magical classes?