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Warlord is a stupid name. Call them Captains.

Well, Warlords have Strength as primary ability in 4E, and Intelligence or Charisma as Secondary (and later expansions also had one for Wisdom). My point is the name Tactician doesn't really sound like what the Warlord did encompas. That may not be a bad thing, but I really loved my Dragonborn Inspiring Warlord!
My view is that this is a cool character that could be built within the framework of a Fighter Class. The 'theme' would be 'inspirational leader', but they'd still functionally be a Fighter.

I don't see a big difference between fighter and warrior. But then, I didn't see a big difference Wizard, Sorceror or Warlock. They all seem to describe someone using magic, and everything else is highly setting or system dependent.
Neither do I. I wsh they named Warlock as Witch though, as it's a more generic term.

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This is the argument that will never die, no matter how many times you try to kill it. Please, just let it die... Even if it will come back from the dead in a few weeks, at least we will have peace...
The problem with warlord arguments is that even after they are dead, all it takes is for someone to say (or type) a few non-magical words and they come back to life. And either it wrecks my willing suspension of disbelief or I have to jump through hoops to explain why it wasn't actually dead in the first place. :p

Pickles JG

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I disagree. They need to resurrect Warblades & Warriors & also borrow Warcasters from the Iron Kingdons so that the quota is properly met.

Meanwhile I don't really care about the name Marshall, Captain & Warlord all work for me.

I just hope that they don't make the fighter even more schizophrenic by adding this there. That is one class with far too many archetypes fighting to be the desingers concept already.


Renaming warlord would reduce the number of WAR-prefixed classes below the acceptable minimum threshold, so no. B-)

Maybe the class could be renamed the "Warnudge?"
(Acts like a judge? Nudges people toward war? Gives them warnings?)

OK, that's weak; but at least it leaves the "war-" prefix intact. . . .:)

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