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Did anyone ever make a table out of which material each weapon is by default (if not specified/established otherwise)? I'm soon to come into the situation where I need to tell weapons made of metal apart from the others. Need a neutral opinion / table.

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The M'hael

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Why would they be made of anything but Iron/Steel? Is it a darksun style world with bone and obsidian weapons, or an ancient world bronze age style setting? I could find or make something but would need more details.

Hawk Diesel

Outside of adamantine or any other material with a specific mechanical effect, I let the player choose what the weapon looks like and what it's made of.

You want an obsidian scimitar? Cool! Maul made of marble? Sure, why not.


Guest 6801328

Tortle Druid with a shield made out of a giant piece of lobster claw.


Expert Long Rester
Material will not just vary by setting but by age and culture.

An enchanted sword forged in the Bronze age will still be bronze. An ancient spear may be obsidian or flint.

Heck, a sword could be crafted out of a Necromancers spine or some such.

Still for standard weapons steel, iron, wood, and leather just about cover it.

The way I rule it:

Clubs, greatclubs and quarterstaves are made of wood. Whips are made of leather.

Everything else is metal. They might have wooden handles (like axes and hammers) but the dangerous end is always metal.

There may be exceptions but they will be noted for particular items. For example, "this dagger is made of obsidian" or "this tribe uses stone axes".

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