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Weirdest Eidolon


I've always been fascinated by the summoner's eidolon. I honestly can't think of any other mechanic that gives so much creative freedom to the player. It's all to do with this little line right here: "The eidolon’s physical appearance is up to the summoner." Between that and the eidolon's nonspecific "home plane," you're able to make up pretty much any critter you can imagine.

So I ask you, good Pathfidner of EN World: What is the strangest, most original eidolon you've ever seen in play?

Comic for illustrative purposes.


Well, I played a kobold summoner in a fairly long lived game (made it to 12 from 3 if i remember it correctly). When I said I was playing a kobold everyone assumed I'd have some kind of dragon eidolon. They were rather shocked when I summoned another kobold. When the laughter quieted down my friend asked me "So umm what do ya call....it?" I hadn't really thought of a name so put on the spot I came up with "Mate." More laughter ensued. Of course all I ever summoned with my spells were more kobolds. Thing would occasionally get awkward for the rest of the party as I played it up. I'll leave what that means up to your imagination.

I played a goof variant in a short spin off campaign where I took that optional summoner that summons a bunch of smaller weaker eidolons and refluffed them into kobolds as well calling them "the gang."
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