Welcome to the 2014 NC Gameday!


All information is current for the next NC Game Day, coming Thur May 1st - Sunday May 4th, 2014.

GM Submissions ) are OPEN. Player signups will take place on Friday, April 18th, starting at 7:00 PM. Unless told otherwise by a GM, no signups time stamped earlier than that will be valid.

This NC Game Day will be held from 5pm Thursday May 1st, to 11pm Sunday May 4th, 2014, at William B. Umstead State Park: We’ll be in the group camp, Camp Crabtree, which accommodates up to 64 campers. At this moment there are approximately 15 slots left available. IMPORTANT: Umstead park has two entrances. OUR CAMPSITE CAN ONLY BE ACCESSED FROM THE NORTH ENTRANCE OFF GLENWOOD AVENUE. There is no way to cut through the park from the southern entrance and arrive at the campsite. .


Enter the park from 8801 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh. You go past the ranger's station, turn left on Maintenance Way then right towards Camp Crabtree, and follow that road. Total distance from the gate is a bumpy 3.1 miles.

IMPORTANT: park gates close at 8pm each night. If you don't want to stay the night, you should depart by then.

1. Showing up to play games is FREE.
2. If you're staying at the campground, the lodging cost is $15 for the entire weekend.
3. Food costs for the entire weekend are $85, or broken down to: Thursday evening = $10, Friday = $25, Saturday = $25, Sunday = $25, Monday breakfast = Free (everything you eat is something Rel doesn't have to take home)

Camp opens: Thursday about 2pm
Camp closes: Monday 11am

Slot 1: Thursday 7pm-11pm
Slot 2: Friday 9am-1pm
Slot 3: Friday 2pm-6pm
Slot 4: Friday 7:30pm-11:30pm
Slot 5: Saturday 9am-1pm
Slot 6: Saturday 2pm-6pm
Slot 7: Saturday 7:30pm-11:30pm
Slot 8: Sunday 9am-1pm
Slot 9: Sunday 2pm-6pm
Slot 10: Sunday 7:30pm-11:30pm

Meal times are generally breakfast around 8:30am, lunch around 1pm, and dinner around 6pm.

Historically we’ve been pretty organized about how, when, and for whom games are being run. This time around we’re not going to be limited to having space at the student center for certain hours of the day. The dining hall can be open for gaming all day and all night as far as I’m concerned. So I suspect that there will be a lot more in the way of genuine “pickup games” like we see at my of the house cons like the Western NC Game Day or LokiCon if you’re familiar with those.

Nonetheless I’m guessing we’ll want to be able to schedule at least some of our gaming in advance. Let’s have GMs sign up to run games between now and April 18th. That Friday evening at 7:00pm can be our official Player Signup time.

Our menu is designed to have a wide appeal and to be plentiful. Nobody should be going hungry during this trip. I’ll probably be carrying food home with me but I’d rather that than anybody show up in the dining hall and have nothing to offer them. A few tweaks (like side dishes) will be made as we come down the home stretch. For now here’s the general outline of what you’d be getting on our meal plan:

Breakfast will be essentially the same every day: Eggs, pancakes, toast, breakfast meat (bacon/sausage). If everyone gets too, too sick of that, I could be persuaded to do a sausage gravy with biscuits. But, essentially, the hot breakfast is going to be a dead simple start to an awesome day’s gaming.

Lunches will generally be pinned between two pieces of bread - picture a spread of affordable cold cuts and cheeses as the default option. We could mix it up with a pulled pork day, this being NC and all; I’ll even go crazy and make some cole slaw that day. But, again, simplicity and ease are the watchwords.

A different Dinner menu every night as follows:

Thursday - Hot Dogs and Hamburgers with chips and all the fixings.
Friday - Spaghetti and side dishes.
Saturday - Sean’s Amazing Meatloaf (trust me, you’ll love it) and sides.
Sunday - Pizza in a lot of varieties.

Due to the incredibly varied demands folks have in terms of snacks and beverages, these will NOT be included in the meal plan. We will be trying to have some basic beverages like iced tea or Kool-Aid available most of the time but there is just no way for us to guess what quantities of soda or snack foods would make people happy. Please plan to bring them with you. There are grocery stores located very close by to the park so this shouldn’t be a problem.

You may opt in for meals on any or all of the days listed above, but we won’t be trying to break this into smaller increments. Food costs for the entire weekend are $85, or broken down to: Thursday evening = $10, Friday = $25, Saturday = $25, Sunday = $25. Please Paypal your meal costs to asmoore@earthlink.net and let him know what days you're signing up for. IMPORTANT! If you don't pre-pay food by April 25th, we won't have enough food for you, so please reserve yours as soon as you know you're coming. If you miss this date, you'll need to bring your own food.
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When an upcoming Game Day is announced then GMs may begin submitting the games they wish to run by posting a new thread. They are free to describe these games in whatever manner they wish inside the body of the post. However, as a courtesy to the organizers as well as potential players, the format of the Thread Title should be like this:

(Day - Slot) "Title of Game" - System

The Day indicates what day the game is being run on (this won't be necessary in the event of a single day event but the upcoming April NCGD is both Saturday and Sunday). The Slot indicates whether the game will be run in the AM or PM slot. The Title of the Game can be whatever you feel best describes the game you are running. The System indicates whatever system you intend to run the game using. Feel free to elaborate on this inside the thread. What's posted in the title is just to give the potential player a broad indication of what you're running. So the title of my game might look like this:

(Saturday - PM) "Sky Galleons of Mars!" - Savage Worlds

The OP of your thread can include whatever info you'd like to post about your game but it should also include a list of how many slots are available for that game and whether any of them are reserved. That portion of my post might look like this:

1. Reserved
2. Reserved
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open
6. Open

A date and time for signups will be announced in the information thread about a given NCGD. AFTER that time, any player interested in a particular game should post in the thread for that game to register for that game. Once registration has begun, GMs should do their best to keep the first post updated as to who is in their game and which slots are open. At this point you may wish to edit the title of the thread to indicate whether your game is full or open. Simply add it to the end of the title like this:

(Saturday - PM) "Sky Galleons of Mars!" - Savage Worlds - FULL

There will also be a Master Game Thread with links to all of the scheduled games. This will be maintained by the moderators of this forum (at present these are Rel, Henry and Nareau). The Master Game Thread will be a quick way to navigate to different games as well as view what games are available in which slots. The links in this thread will not be constantly updated to indicate which games are open or full. That will be left to individual GMs to note.

Historically not all games have always filled with players. It will be up to each individual GM to decide whether he wishes to run his game with less than a full compliment of players, cancel it and join another game, or wait in the hopes of gathering some additional players at the Game Day. To facilitate this last option, as well as try to make things easier for any "walk-in" players, we'll have some small, orange "traffic cones" that can be placed on any table that is "Looking For Players" at the Game Day. Hopefully that will make such games easy to identify.

I believe that about covers the basics. Please feel free to ask for any clarification or additional information in this thread if needed.

Thanks! And look forward to seeing you at the NCGD!
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