TSR Well, they've filed it....

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Good Lord, this is worse than I'd feared. They're going to get dragged through the mud and pay a hefty sum for the privilege.

NewTSRs only hope here seems to be WoTC quickly getting the case dismissed (likely on jurisdictional grounds - an almost certain slam dunk) and then choosing not to pursue attorney's fees (maybe because they don't want to be seen as dunking on the little guy). But their more likely strategy is to get it dismissed quickly then bury NewTSR in attorney's fees just to discourage future action.

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Krampus ate my d20s
This is a free opportunity for WotC to bury NuNuTSR with their own stupidity. The best-case scenario for TSR LLC is the case gets dismissed for being filed in the wrong jurisdiction. Worst case it goes to trial and the Declaratory Judgment of Ownership of the copyright and trademark is affirmed for WotC due to consistently publishing the IP and trade dress. TSR LLC would have to pay all legal and court costs and would be prohibited from using any nostalgia IP owned by WotC/TSR Inc.
This isn't even short-sighted low reward grift. It is business suicide by petty stupidity.


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There is another thread on this business, folks.

I'm going to close this one, as we don't need a bunch of them floating around.

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