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EN World We're Looking for Two New EN World Columnists!


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What a year it's been! We've come a long way since the launch of the EN World Columnist Program (ENWC) back in 2017. Now we're preparing for 2023 and beyond with new columns and a higher pay rate.


New Pay​

First and foremost, we've increased our pay rate for columnists from 4 cents per word to 6 cents per word to bring the ENWC in line with other EN Publishing pay rates. This goes into effect beginning January 1, 2023 of next year. Most columns have a 600 word limit, with some as high as 1,000, and a select few (those covering major outlets like WOTC and Paizo) with an unlimited word count. Of course, being a ENWC member means also getting your articles viewed on the front page of EN World and the opportunity to share news about your own projects with a broad audience (with some caveats, see below).

New Columns​

We are looking for two new columnists to cover Paizo news (including Pathfinder and Starfinder) and the D&D Adventurers League. We anticipate both of these columns will be quite busy. These are unlike the other columns in that they will be just-in-time news, so whomever signs up for these beats will be expected to actively monitor livestreams and new releases and post coverage as soon as possible. These columns will begin in 2023.

We're Always Looking for Writers​

Even if you're not interested in writing for the above two new columns, we're always willing to consider potential columnists for one-off articles. We're particularly interested in interviews, reviews of lesser-known products, and convention coverage. That said, the ENWC isn't for everybody. You'll need a thick skin; being a columnist is not just about writing articles, but engaging with the community, including both praise and criticism. And you also have to work with me as editor (my sympathies in advance!). We expect contributions or pitches for articles at least once a month, 12 minimum in total per year.

What We're Not Looking For​

We have plenty of opinion columns, official reviews of D&D products, and coverage of the latest print and crowdfunding roundups. While we love to spotlight our columnists' personal RPG projects, the ENWC is not an advertising platform. We frequently get pitches for articles that are actually requests for ads -- see this post for more details on how you can exclusively promote your content on EN World.


Send your writing qualifications to columns@enpublishingrpg.com. We welcome new, diverse voices and applicants representing the breadth and depth of the gaming community. Thanks for your consideration!

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