Press West End Games' D6 System 2E Is Coming From Gallant Knight Games!


D6 System 2E is coming!​

It's been a long road, but we're thrilled to be able to announce that our next Kickstarter campaign is the long-awaited D6 Second Edition core rulebook!

Get the scoop on what you can expect with this project!​

This is the first in a series of previews and reveals about the upcoming D6 System: Second Edition Kickstarter! We've got some big questions to get into, so let's start! This is a long-gestating passion project for the GKG team and we're thrilled to have hit this milestone.

What is D6 2e?​

D6 System: Second Edition (abbreviated to D6 2e) is a relaunch of the classic West End Games D6 System, updated and modernized as needed and presented in a new full-color hardback.

Licensed directly from West End Games, Gallant Knight Games has been able to plumb the depths of historical D6 System content, helping to grab the best from this storied roleplaying games lineage, and bring all together into a cohesive new rulebook!​

Why is it called "2e"?​

Wow, that's a good question. When we were talking with WEG regarding this project, for a long time, we struggled with the name. D6 System books often just were defined by "eras" or the systems they supported.

Finally, we all realized that even though numerous iterations and previous publications had existed, few (or none, really) of them had consistently presented themselves as an "edition", but more as an evolution or iteration on previous releases.

Together, WEG and GKG felt that calling this corebook "2e" would mark a new era in the game's publishing line, and would help to codify and communicate clearly where the we were aiming to take the gameline in the future, while also using language that existed in the tabletop rpg spaces common vernacular.​


Yeah! We wrote the rulebook to present the updated D6 System as a series of "plug and play" modules. Rules are presented as discreet sections, so you can append, remove, or modify the existing D6 2e chassis with whatever best fits the games you want to run at the table.

The D6 system has always been a powerhouse for a variety of styles and our goal is to honor and elevate that as a core focus of the design process!

The current modules intended for the corebook are:
  • Core Rules
  • Advanced Rules
  • Fantasy
  • Superheroes
  • Science Fiction
Each of the above modules has various smaller sections and we'll get into that soon! We've got even more modules planned for stretch goals, as well as additional content and genre modules.

The Planned Project​

The upcoming Kickstarter project (we're just waiting for Kickstarter to approve the page so we can send and share a link to follow) will feature a full-color hardcover 200-page book in a 7x10" size!

The core rulebook will have three covers you can choose between, featuring the initial three genre modules. While the contents are the same in each edition, you'll be able to showcase your preferred genre on the table.

The superhero cover is illustrated by Tan Ho Sim, and the fantasy cover is illustrated by Ludvik Skp! The science fiction cover is underway and we'll be revealing that soon.

Be aware that these images, as well as the above information are subject to change as the project moves forward!

What's next?

The next preview will contain more details about rules, changes, updates, and more! Stay tuned and we'll be in touch. You can join the GKG Discord, where we have a WEG D6 2e channel to discuss this project and others.​

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I’ve been running a campaign since March 2023 that started out as a D6 Fantasy, but subsequently morphed into a custom system over time. Still glad too see an updated version of the D6 system finally seeing the light of day. 👍🏻


Has anyone played their Zorro d6 game? I'm not that interested in the IP, so I skipped it, but I'm still curious about the new d6 version. I have some Star Wars nostalgia and still kind of feel that d6 is great for scifi.


West End Games Star Wars remains so beloved, I wonder if this generic D6 Second Edition will take Kickstarter by storm, like a " Million Dollars Storm"?

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