What adventure module have you pillaged the most without using the main plot?

Duo Maxwell

For me, I wasn't a fan of the main plot for D&D's Tomb of Annihilation, but I loved the city of Port Nyanzaru, the forbidden city of Omu, the jungle encounters, and I absolutely loved the maps it came with. I "ran" this module using my own home-brewed swashbuckling story for a group of friends and had a blast when we were finished. Now I'm running it again for a different group for as an exploration adventure, using a lot of the maps and NPCs detailed in the book.

What adventure module (from any game) have you ran using the resources detailed without running it for the main plot it was originally published for?

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I've taken from many adventures, but the only one that I have gone back to time and time again is the Caves of Chaos from The Keep on the Borderlands (B2).


A suffusion of yellow
Trouble in Threshold (Karameikos inspired me to focus my homebrew in a vaguely East European/Slavic setting instead of faux Britain), The Enemy Within (Warhammer), Saltmarsh, House of Lament and then lifted Mordent and dropped it wholesale as myvfaux Britain.

I have pretty much run every module I bought through once (there may be one I never used anything for that I really didn't like, but none I can think of where I never ran the adventure itself). But I did cannibalize a number of modules pretty regularly for parts. The Original Ravenloft module is one where, just due to the importance of the main map, go used very frequently in my Ravenloft campaign. I used Feast of Goblyns more than anything I think for parts though

Duo Maxwell

Of 5e adventures, Princes of the Apocalypse. Specifically, all of the pre-campaign adventure material set in and around Red Larch is great.
This was the first of the 5e adventures I ran. And I agree, my friends had a blast with the stuff that took place on the surface area of that region. If my current group ever wanders into that area, I'll be sure reuse those same maps and some of the side plots I enjoyed running.

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