What are you listening to?

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Lately? Let's see...

The Mitski album with "Best American Girl".

St. Etienne's Foxbase Alpha (that cover of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" is magical, still).

(still) Hamilton!!!

Random Leonard Cohen faves, esp. "Famous Blue Raincoat".


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discovered this song before Christmas and have been listening to the Decemberist other work since

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Been listening a lot to Transformers: The Score. It's the orchestral score from the first Transformers movie, not the regular soundtrack. Pretty amazing.


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Been on a bit of a retro binge on YouTube, lately:

Vangelis: Soil Festivities album
Deodato: bunch of different classical tunes he reworked into jazz fusion
Ronnie Montrose: Speed of Sound album

Plus a bunch of post-rock performances from The Vigeland Mausoleum.


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Since last year's top 50 was extremely underwhelming, I'm mostly listening to older music:
- Tool: Sooo good! When will Mr. Keenan finally decide to dedicate some time to finish Tool's new album - it's been over ten years now, damnit?!
- David Bowie: Mostly good ol' favorites from the 70-80s, but also trying to catch up with his most recent output.
- Beach Boys: Pet Sounds and the Smile Sessions! I'd never been interested in them before they were quite unexpectedly featured in a documentation about progressive music - wow!


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discovered this song before Christmas and have been listening to the Decemberist other work since


I first heard of the Decemberists from the kickstarter for their board game. They're big gaming geeks.

Also fun: check out the Colbert Report episode where Steven Colbert challenges the Decemberist's guitar player to a guitar duel.


I'm currently lessening to Kawaii metal band BiSH


Also Sea Shanties because why not.



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I hear Tool or A Perfect Circle is releasing something in 2017.
I'll believe it when the album's been released ;)
Last I heard, Tool band members reported, the music was already recorded and they were just waiting until Maynard had time to write lyrics and record his part.
And members from A Perfect Circle have signaled they had enough material for a new album, but they're also waiting for Maynard.

Meanwhile Maynard _did_ find the time to release a new Puscifer album and the first part of his autobiography... It just seems that he's no longer really interested in his 'old projects'. Frustrating.
(Well, at least the Puscifer album was okay - it actually reminded me of A Perfect Circle in a few songs.)

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I just saw Murder by Death and they were incredible. I'm gormandizing all of their albums.

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I've been listening to a lot of Dead Can Dance and Shpongle lately, interspersed with some classic AC/DC. And my 31-year-old son's introduced me to some music I likely would never have discovered on my own: VNV Nation and The Birthday Massacre.


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