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My players will be entering a final boss wave for their final confrontation with the leader of this remote sect of a death cult who is performing a ritual to collect pure soul essence from a planar scar that connects to the Shadowfell. The boss, a Drider Lich, is currently inaccessible behind a magical barrier, and several cultists and undead are guarding four pillars that are currently keeping the sentient undead of the area, specifically those not controlled by the cult, from disrupting their plans.

The party’s goal is to destroy these pillars in order to allow some of their newly acquired undead allies to come and assist in taking down the cultists, who have several huge monsters on their side, including a massive kaiju sized undead worm monster made entirely of the bones of the cultist’s many victims. Every round more undead and demonic creatures will summoned to halt the character’s advances, causing the group to have to juggle damaging the pillars to destroy them, and mowing down the enemies in order to not get overwhelmed. The Lich won’t properly enter the combat until the pillars are down, which is when her protective barrier will fall and she attacks the party herself while the cultist and their undead/demons fight against the character’s allies in the background.

The Lich will be using a mix of typical undead spells as well as various insect themed spells. She will also around half health summon a demonic flying spider-like creature which will be used as a mount and possible escape option should things get dicey for her.

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My next game session - scheduled for a week from today - will involve the PCs returning the jungle drow woman they rescued from an orc fortress last session (where she'd been the sacrifice to their giant lizard god, Kapoona) back to her tribe, wherein they'll get pulled into some machinations by another tribe member challenging the chief for his leadership position, and cheating to do so by having an allied dream hag plague his dreams. The PCs, all trained in dreamwalking, will have to enter the chief's dreams and confront the dream hag there.



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I am prepping two things:

1) For starting an arc of Old Gods of Appalachia, which is not D&D and therefore not relevant for this thread.

2) For a moment in which I have no bloody clue what the players are going to do, because they themselves haven't decided yet. We are playing The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and the PCs have met all the hags, gotten what they needed from one of them. They need to decide how they want to manage the other two.

At the moment I am preparing a couple of sessions in advance, following a bout of creativity. I'm currently working on a homebrew adventure set in the Carnival from VGR, which is a Se7en/Scream style serial killer slasher. A bit different to what I usually do, and I'm a bit wary of potential triggers. Although there are no lobsters, so one player should be fine.


A fight with a Linnorm Dragon for 17th level PCs.

They are rock hard. Easily defeating CR 22 creatures regularly. So I need to give it some real consideration.


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I’m prepping Chapter 11 of Age of Worms - into the Worm Crawl Fissure. I’m using parts of Tormyr’s adaptation posted here but with plenty of customization to my group. I’m definitely going over Dragotha’s hoard with an eye to 5e-appropriate stuff to help in Chapter 12 and the finale.

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I'm dropping the new characters in my upcoming game into an unfamiliar world where travel and exploration will be very important. The initial adventure is a modified version of Fighter's Challenge from 2e. My prep has included:

*Character creation rules for 3rd-level PC's.

*Creating encounters using updated 5e stats for opponents. Monsters are more dangerous in 5e than in 2e!

*Changing a few names to protect the guilty (seriously, an important NPC is named "Poot"? Come on!).

*Creating a variant system for tracking resources while traveling over long distances.

*Creating some history for the world they find themselves in.

*Creating a generic "Adventurer" Background, just in case there's any trouble with Background Features I don't foresee, allowing a player to just opt out of such things.

I’m running the Wrath of the Righteous AP. We finished book 1 last session so I’m preparing book 2. The game is online via Foundry so they process includes getting maps, tokens, stat blocks, and text for the whole module into Foundry.

rules wise this module is wants to use the Mass Battles sub-system from Ultimate Campaign so I need to refresh myself on those rules.

James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
I ran heavily modified parts of this in the 2E era and found it impossible for something that was supposed to be a module for one character.
Oh no doubt. I tried to run it a long time ago and discovered the same thing. But I do like the adventure, so I figured I'd give it another chance.

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