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What are your last three RPG purchases?


Physical items:
Conan from Modiphius
Star Trek from Modiphius
Barbarians of Lemuria: mythic edition from Filigree Forge

Electronic ones:
Conan the Thief, Conan the Mercenary, Conan the Barbarian, Jewelled Thrones of the Earth, Book of Skelos - basically all the Conan supplements currently out

Waiting for physical copy of The Great Rift and the Aventuria Compendium; just received the Traveller CCG.
I bought a whole lot of Classic Traveller PDFs, mostly modules that were pretty cheap, to see what GDW thought a Traveller adventure should look like. So far I'm not sure there's a lot that's useful in them.

I backed the Prince Valiant kickstarter and so have got that game and Pendragon as PDFs.

The last physical item I remember getting was the Burning Wheel Codex (also off the back of a kickstarter).


Bought some physical copies of some PDFs I previously purchased, which makes things easier for players.
1) 7th Sea Corerulebook and Pirate Nations
2) Savage Worlds Deluxe
3) Fate Adversary Toolkit
Since this thread has been resurrected, my most recent three are (I think):

Wizard and Cleric spell decks from GF9,
A couple of Spelljammer adventures in the D&D Classics New Year sale, and
"Coruscant and the Core Worlds" for Star Wars d20 Rev&Ex (which was the only book for that edition I was previously missing)

Jacob Lewis

I actually completed my Edge of the Empire collection recently with the last three sourcebooks missing from my library, two of them at Half Price Bookstore! Lord's of Nal Hutta, Fly Casual, and No Disintegrations. So ready for Dawn of Rebellion.

Lord Mhoram

Spheres of Might (Pathfinder)
Genesys Core Rulebook.

The last one is slowing down future game purchases because it seems like it will cover all my secondary gaming needs (our groups primary game is HERO/Champions). Yes I like universal/generic rules.


Shores of Korantia
Monster Island

Running an expedition style adventure from Korantia to Monster Island


Rotten DM
Prepaid for brick of the new minis, the book out in May, and had office depot make a player map poster of Chult.