What are your RPG plans for 2022?

Li Shenron

  • Bringing my 5e family game PCs beyond the material plane
  • Design and print the next few levels of my own spells/actions cards
  • Update my own custom character sheets to reflect our experience

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Stuff for the rest of the winter/spring 2022:
Continue to run my Enemy Within campaign for Warhammer 4e (likely until my players rage-quit - doubt we'll "finish" it.)
Try out Forbidden Lands for a few sessions
Run a couple more 5e intro adventures for my wife and her friends
Prepare and run a 2e nostalgia game for my old college friends for a weekend get-together
Run an OSE intro one-shot for my friends' gaming group
Attend GaryCon


  • Get my 13th Age group back on track after a long "holiday hiatus" (hopefully February, probably March)
  • Run some kind of sci-fi game for the folks who can get together before then
  • Continue to explore the vast number of Lasers & Feelings hacks that two of my players never cease to be tickled by when they're the only ones that can play
  • Run some Icons over the summer
  • Fingers crossed - attend Origins this year if a Covid storm isn't going on...


  • Finish up my current Savage worlds East Texas University Game. I am currently running the Degrees of Horror campaign and the players are getting ready to enter their Junior year.
  • One of my players recently started being a DM so I expect he will take over the DM reigns and I'll become a player once I am done with ETU. He usually runs Pathfinder so I expect he will again but he has expressed interest in Savage Pathfinder so that's up in the air.
  • Once the above-mentioned game is complete I am really excited to try running a Blades in the Dark game.
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In terms of running games...
  • Blue Rose AGE (for my partner)
  • The One Ring 2e (also for my partner)
  • Fantasy AGE using the new Core Rulebook
  • Stonetop


I'm gaming more during the pandemic than I did previously! My plans include:
  • Finally having my new game Swords of the Serpentine printed and for sale for realsies
  • Remotely playing D&D once a week with my best friends from high school
  • Remotely continuing my main SotS game (we're finishing the second big campaign arc)
  • Restarting my second SotS game with a different group; we've been running a fairy tale-inspired game, and I think I'll start a new low-powered game to test new rules
  • Playing casual, one-shot RPGs once a week with an international group of players. Right now we're focused on Brindlewood Bay.


FFG Star Wars to the far horizons of the galaxy . . . . (Probably most of it not all year).

If Star Wars goes less than anticipated, we've got another GM with Pathfinder 2 in the wings, or One Ring 2e, or Court of Blades.

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