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What books do you use to build your world?

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Jürgen Hubert

First Post
I'm currently involved in two world building projects. The first, Urbis, is strictly my own show. The other, Pisces, is a collaborative effort (basically, anyone who wants to contribute something can do so at this stage) - though I did come up with the name and basic idea for the setting.

For Urbis:

The Core books, Psionics Handbook, Epic Level Handbook, Manual of the Planes, as well as various game products from different RPG systems (most notably GURPS), and lots of non-gaming books (most notably the Dictionary of Imaginary Places). The Obscure Cities comics were also a major source of inspiration...

For Pisces:

Again, the Core books and the Psionics Handbook. Personally, Blue Planet has been a major inspiration (for the bizarre but plausible alien life forms).

The others probably have lots of sourcebooks they get inspiration from as well... but you'd have to ask them yourself...

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