What campaigns have you started that didn't work out (and not for bait & switch-issues)


My last campaign that failed was because I thought I could handle GMing twice a week for two different games. Both D&D 5e with one set in a homebrew points of light style setting and the other set in Ravnica. Pretty quickly I found that I only really have enough creative energy for one thing at a time. I would be really excited for one while forcing myself to run the other. Funny thing is it would switch every so often which one I was enjoying. Eventually I laid the Ravnica game to rest as it was the newer of the two and I had some big ideas on taking the party to the Shadowfell for the other.


I've been in two campaigns, neither worked out

1.) The first one was all new players and I didn't prep properly as the DM

2.) The second one didn't work out for me because my schedule at the time made it hard to get to sessions on time. Also, pretty much everyone in the group either had ADHD and/or was a stoner.