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What do the CRITICS say?

I've added some extra features to the ratings and comments system to help highlight some of the reviews of the latest RPG products from websites and blogs around the web. Now you can add details of your review elsewhere, and it will be listed in a number of places. Your rating counts as part of EN Word's "metascore", and your review gets linked to so that readers can find it.

To add your review, simply add a rating and comment as you normally would. Then, below that, enter the URL of your review and the name of your website or blog. That's it! It takes about 10 seconds.

Here are the locations you'll see your review listed:

Of course, if you just want to leave a quick rating and comment, you don't need to write a full review. Just leave a quick rating and you're done!
Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Halloween Horror For 5E


Halloween Horror For 5E