What does E.N. Stand For?

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My wife was reading over my shoulder and asked me "What does the 'EN' stand for?"
"En World (duh)" was my reply
"But it has to stand for something, else it shouldn't be capitalized."
Me "...." I look at the header, sure enough the EN is capitalized... "I... Don't know..." Then it dawned on my, I've been following this site/blog sense 2004, I've always noticed the "EN" was capitalized, but never really gave it much thought. Dot dot dot questionmark. What the heck does "EN" stand for???

So I looked, obviously not that hard because I probably would have found it. But I still don't know.

So now I'm asking, what does E.N. stand for?!
EN stands for "Entertainment NITE".

NITE stands for "News in the EAAR"

EAAR stands for "Electronic articles about RAT".

RAT stand for "RPGs and TGAM".

TGAM stand for "Thieves Guild and MOTA".

MOTA stands for "Monks of the ABIE".

ABIE stands for "All Boards Including ENWorld".
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A little off-topic, but is anyone else seeing this thread as highlighted in the forum listing? Why is that?
I feel like I'm about to be the straight man in a really awful joke...

But, um... there's no E in RAT. What is it, "News In ThE rat"?
The joke's on me. Partway though the idea to do a self-referential acronym loop, I decided it would be easier to start at the end than the beginning. I screwed up somewhere in splicing it together. Fixed now, which will probably create even more confusion for people who read this later :)


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Some of these would make great band names. Something to consider for anyone wanting to “represent” this site in a talent show at a con...


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(as in 'to think up stuff off the cuff', not as in 'food') … but there are threads about cooking, come to think of it.