What Game am I Thinking of? 4E / Sci-fi / Modern

There are quite a number of free PDFs available online, many of which are the result of individual or groups of otherwise-unpublished designers. I'm trying to remember the name of one which I encountered a few months back, which essentially took the D&D 4E-style power structure and imposed it upon a modern or sci-fi setting.

Does anyone remember seeing something like this? Any idea where I might find it for download?

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Are you thinking of Gamma World with mutants and lasers in a post apocalypse world? There is a 4e version that many consider very good. I'm not aware of it being available online though.

I don't think it was Gamma World.

It might have been Amethyst, but I distinctly remember a free download. It's possible that I was only looking at a free preview during their Kickstarter, though.

Any other guesses?

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