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D&D General What I Would Want From One D&D/6E


One D&D probably not gonna do it for me. Looking at pklaytest it's just gonna be a dumped down 5E evolution. I'm not after a 5E clone produced by WotC, Kobold Press or anyone else.

I do kinda want an evolution of D&D from 5E but probably in a slightly different direction.

From 5E I woukd keep the skill system, the archetype concept and probably feats as optional. If you're going to use feats probably I prefer the concept of microfeats combined with more modern feat design style vs 3E and 4E +1 type feats.

Other things would include easier to run. Thus means to me overhauling the monsters. The CR system is borked and doesn't really work along with the encounter guidelines.

Hit point bloat also needs to go. Saving throws need an overhaul as well especially on the monster side.

I would also like a grittier game reduce the encounters expection to 1-3 which most people seem to be doing anyway. Energy drain could come back (exhaustion levels vs level liss/max hp loss), exhaustion level if reduced to 0 hp.

Spell immunity a'la rakshasa (lvl 1-3, 1-6 and 1-9 depending on monster). Spell/magic resistance could also return d20 roll vs static number eg 6/11/16 roll that number or higher (add proficiency bonus to roll idk).

Arcane gish type classes need a tweak hands free casting a'la Warcaster feat or something like bladesinger AC buff if one handing.

They've identified the -5/+10 feats as a problem take it a bit further as they were so good due 5E low ACs and hit point bloat.

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Honestly, do we NEED a new edition? Anything that isn’t just 5.5E is going to have to incorporate some big changes to the core mechanics and assumptions to really make a difference. At this point I’d say hack the game to suit your taste or find a completely different system to play in.


5ever, or until 2024
The math is a problem. I think it has to do with bounded accuracy. So the way opponents get tougher is through HP and dmg. Then, on top of this, the implementation of the math, especially in MM1 and in encounter building advice, also leaves a lot to be desired.

But once you start to make any major math changes, backward compatibility goes out the window.

But you are not wrong.

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