What is Going on?

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Well - we could just point you to the faq - but basically there are two games being played - both based on the same random combat generator.

The first, YB, is a tournament game where kung-fu fighters (and some other odds and ends) compete and win or lose rank as they win and lose fights.

The second, YBA, is an offshoot of YB and in YBA adventurers wonder around, beat things up and collect experience and loot.

Both are simple, mindless and slightly addictive games.

Some of the other threads here deal with IC roleplaying (mostly for YB) and with the new rules we are about to release for YB - likely on Feb. 4th.


heh - the faq is the first thread in the forum - its right over this thread - its been made sticky...

As far as joining - all you got to do is figure out whats going on, make a character and join in.

for YB (which is what the faq deals with) just answer or issue a challenge

for YBA - rules and generator are linked in my sig and there is an open call for adventurers in Wicht's lair - linked from the faq
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