D&D General what is the worst race in dnd?

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A suffusion of yellow
Base Humans have become increasingly overwhelmed, not least by Variant Humans.

Earth Genasis and Kenku were short changed too


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I remember Vampire being a race in 4E, but really any "race" that's really just a condition/modification. This would include lycanthropy as well, but I don't know if they ever did that as a race.
Vampire was a class in late 4e. The race you’re probably thinking of was Vryloka, which while connected to vampires, was properly a race you were born into rather than a condition people could acquire.


Thank god, they haven't come to 5e, but the Raptorians: A Now Shut Up race to DMs with a fear of flying to offer as a 'compromise'. They get a sad glide ability and look absolutely stupid with weird bird feet and a racial weapon 'the foot bow', which is actually not useful due to how the glide ability worked.

Also they're a species with females who are the ISO standard slim-waisted waif who lay eggs. Eggs that are described in a way that one assume they shatter the mother's pelvis to be born.

Also space hippos for life, I say, good chap.


A suffusion of yellow
Krynn Minotaur and Gully Dwarf both spring to mind. The first because they should have had a +1 level adjustment (in 3.5E) and the second because, well, just read the very first Dragonlance novel. Or the first novel of the Legends trilogy.
Damn I’d had blocked Gully dwarfs from my memory and now youve gone and brought all that trauma back again …

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