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D&D General What is your favorite D&D swag/trinket/tchotchke?


A couple years ago for my birthday my wife bought me a "All My D&D [EXPLETIVE]" pouch. It is my defacto dice, dry erase marker, poker chip, cards of various kinds, pencil bag.

As an aside, I don't think my wife knows how much "D&D stuff" I own.....

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I used to have a t-shirt from shirt.woot.com back in the day before Amazon purchased and ruined Woot! and it had stats on it like it was a piece of armor. AC, cold resistance, things like that. I tore it or something and no longer have it. Other than that I don't know if I actually have any d&d swag.. It's making me really want to get some now. Maybe I'll get those boxers with with Elmore dragon on the crotch.

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