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D&D General What is your favorite D&D swag/trinket/tchotchke?

For those of us that love D&D beyond the game itself, what are your favorite D&D-branded/themed items you've acquired that are not necessary game elements? Things like posters, art prints, figures, weapons, bags of holding, etc.

Here are just a few of mine:
  • I love my "Battle over Sharn" canvas art print (art is the Sharn, City of Towers cover from 3E).
  • I love my ceramic Tiamat coasters. I love that big art piece with all that color. But on coasters!
  • I love my Bag of Holding haversack.
  • I love my sapphire dice.
  • I love my D20 popcorn bucket. Of course I use it for dice.
Also, what do you want Wizards partners to make, that you would buy in a heartbeat?
  • More t-shirts with adventure cover art, like the old-school Temple a of Elemental Evil art.
  • Surprise me! I didn't know I would need that popcorn bucket!
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Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
I like my "Legend of Vox Machina" beanie that I got from funding their Kickstarter over the pandemic. I wear it to all of my job sites in the winter...it's very warm and comfy, well-made and durable, and the logo on the front is juuuust visible beneath the brim of my hard hat. It's always nice to see that little chin-pop of recognition when a contractor or heavy equipment operator recognizes it, and it's a great conversation starter.

I never get tired of meeting Critters in the wild.
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I have a shot glass with the logos of Dragon and Dungeon magazines on it that I got at a Gen Con meeting of frequent freelance contributors one year. I don't drink, but it's a handy paper clip holder.



Mine is probably my 7" NECA Warduke. Awesome detail at just the right size.

2nd is probably my Moldvay basic T-shirt; I usually wear it to my biweekly D&D games.

If I could find a zippered light jacket done as red dragon scales (with a dragon's head hood), I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

I don't really buy merch, but I suppose the last couple of much-worn dice bags with the TSR logo on them that I have left from the Dragon Dice starter sets count. Didn't buy those either - people were just giving them away or chucking them in the game store's trash like CCG commons after a while.


In the early days of 5e, I converted a bunch of my favorite adventures from Dungeon and Polyhedron. Then I decided to run them as a 36-hour marathon at a convention. Folks from WotC and Adventurers League kept stopping by my table and to deliver food and drinks. As I was packing up after my last session, I was presented with a "Dungeon Master" hoodie.

Surprisingly, it's still in good condition.

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