D&D General What should I spend money on now that I'm not going to the local Convention?


My local convention is slated for next month and the most recent update has the event schedule showing only a small handful of 5e games and a couple random older D&D games to play. It appears that the local group that handles Adventure League (AL) and the one that handles Pathfinder has pulled out leaving not much since we go to only play D&D or maybe Pathfinder. Not going now frees up money that I would have normally spent on the convention to spend on something I want instead. I could burn it on groceries and gas inflation, but thought you all have some ideas. The cost would likely be around $125.00.

I'm thinking of something gaming related or a used 5-wood for golf, but wanted to see what everyone thought. I could use a new adventure book and was thinking Saltmarsh or Yawning Portal for next campaign. Maybe these magnetic 2x2 tiles to add to the collection. Ideas? Thank you. Emoji, Emoji, Emoji


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You should spend your money on me. I’ll give you my address.

you’re welcome

[edit] …and just to be clear, I’m not doing anything for you in return. Especially not that! I’ll even give you a charity receipt for your tax return. There. You’re donation will save you money. Win-win.


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I would consider spending $25 on some OSR adventures you can convert to D&D 5e. Then put the remaining $100 into an ETF for the future or, if you're set for retirement, donate it to charity.


Buy a Hirst Arts floor mold and some Merlins Magic dental plaster and you can make hundreds of tiles that will look great. Magnetizing the tiles is easy too.

A lighter option is to make some foam tiles - they can look fantastic and their is a ton of videos on youtube on how to make these and paint the tiles quickly.

I like the idea of the Hirst molds. If you want terrain, it's a great way to go. So are the old school modules if you want to mine for content.

You could also go for a showpiece, something like one of the fancy gargantuan dragons sculptures. That requires no time investment like the first ones do. Other things along this 'no time investment' would be a new game system, like Frontier Space or Cyberpunk or Savage Worlds weird west, broaden your horizons with something non-fantasy magic. Or maybe a bluetooth speaker for adding soundscapes to your atmosphere?


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I've PM'd you a PayPal link.

Okay, someone already made that joke above.

Most of my gaming bucks these days are VTT related. I have more books and terrain than I'll have time to use in years.

If there is nothing you really NEED for playing, I would suggest supporting creators on Patreon. Or support one of the various gaming-related charities auctions, humble bundles, games for vets, etc.

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