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D&D 5E What starting adventure provides a "best of D&D" experience?


I wanted to make a joke about the old Paranoia module "Orcbusters" providing a nice "Best Of D&D" Feel... and then I realized... it kinda does.

I mean, it uses an entirely different core mechanic and everything you meet not only wants to kill you, but probably can, and it's not at all balanced because "balance" isn't a word that applies in that game... but... you meet all the best monsters, and a wizard. And then you set up for an amazing sounding second adventure which never comes.

On a more serious note, the old Judges Guild adventure... Tower of... Oh heck... (googles) Ulission is one I remember fondly as a player. But that's an OLD memory. Don't trust it. I certainly don't.
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I think its the last one I bought. Its pretty good honestly.

If you own Princes of the Apocalypse, you can use the whole dungeon plus its 4 outposts as is.

I'd skip: Dead in Thay, The Final Enemy and Isle of the Abbey. They are, IMHO, a little bland when compared to the others.
The last book I purchased was Theros - when I'm not actively playing I tend to just buy setting stuff for browsing - but will probably end up getting Saltmarsh and one or two others, if my campaign gets going.

As far as megadungeons go, I'm thinking of plopping in the big kahuna, Rappan Athuk (have the 5E conversion), plus maybe Castle Xintillan and one or two others.

I'm also looking to mine Forbidden Lands for sandboxy stuff.


Another vote for Lost mines. It’s got a little bit of everything - dungeons, travel, wilderness to explore, a good mix of combat and RP.

It’s easy enough to rip out of the FR and drop wherever you want and still work, as its associations to that world are tenuous, but it’s own internal lore is deep enough to be interesting and further built upon.

Casimir Liber

Some old White Dwarf modules I liked...Troubles at Embertrees.....I liked Village of Hommlet too. Phandelver gets praise from just about everyone, though I have never DMed it.

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