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What third-party products have you used for your favorite RPGs?


The EN World kitten
Tabletop RPGs have had third-party products made for them since the dawn of the hobby, ranging from classics like the Palace of the Vampire Queen for Original D&D to new products like Armaments of the Damned for Mörk Borg.

Given that, I wanted to start a thread where people can share some of the third-party products they've found most useful, for any game or system. Is there a particular adventure that you enjoy running for different groups of players? A supplement with character options that you've put to good use over the years? A book of monsters that are your go-to for when the usual baddies are too familiar to your players? What third-party products have a place of honor on your shelves, physical or digital?

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Theory of Games

Disaffected Game Warrior
White Dwarf's Fiend Folio 1st edition which was filled with reader and fan created monsters that could really mess with even experienced parties.


Distracted DM

Distracted DM
  • Tower of the Stargazer was one of my favorite things to drop into a D&D game.
  • I love Skerples' Monster Overhaul book. I also enjoyed that they included within MO the undead snake-man from their earlier (also great) Tomb of the Serpent Kings. He's in the Lich section.
  • As far as MCDM goes I actually use Strongholds & Followers more than I do Kingdoms & Warfare or their monster book. I prefer LU A5e's Monstrous Menagerie for my (A)5e games.
  • An older book, The Mother of All Treasure Tables, is pretty awesome for when you want to really present a treasure "horde" to your players.
  • I've used Kobold Press' Peculiar Towers, Prepared! 1&2, and MCDM's Where Evil Lives for drop-in adventure locations.
  • OH MY GOSH I almost forgot THE BEST adventure location product: Trilemma Adventures! Michael Prescott is a genius, I adore his 1-2 page dungeons and they're almost all available for free on his blog.
  • I try to reference the Gygax Books of Names whenever I can to keep peoples' names "consistent" by region, but it can be a pain to have that open and available all the time.
I'm sure that there are so many others that have slipped my mind. I go to Dungeon Crawl Classics for inspiration, though I'd love to run a game of that sometime. I wish that there was way to see which PDFs I opened the most frequently!

I can't say I used it much for the game it was designed for, but I fully endorse Arora: Age of Desolation.

Its primarily a 5e setting book, but what I adore it for is its exceedingly clever, it simplistic, take on Exploration and Survival rules, which I so dearly love they formed the basis for substantive parts of my own game.

But beyond that, its a great setting thats only held back by how relatively short the book is.


Those Paizo magnetic combat trackers are good for just about any game. Help ya manage info during the session.
I used the hell out of mine when I ran Pathfinder. It’s also how I can remember that I ran a twenty round combat (because the round tracker went off the right side of the board).




A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
The only two games where I run long campaigns where I find third-party content helpful are D&D 5e and Warhammer Fantasy.

With Warhammer, it is mostly material on fan blogs and posted to the Ratcatcher's Guild Discord an their periodical, Ratter. I mainly scour these sources for adventure material and maps.

With 5e, I've used quite a bit of third-party content.

I have bought a lot of Frog God Games Material, including all of their setting books and many of their adventures. I've also bought and used their Tome of Alchemy, but I have mixed feelings about this book. I much prefer FGG's adventures and Lost Lands setting books than their bestiaries or rule sub-systems.

I heavily used MCDM's Strongholds and Followers book in my last campaign.

My favorite third-party bestiary is Tome of Beasts by Kobold Press, along with the Book of Lairs supplement and their cardboard standee miniatures for it. I also bought their Creature Codex, but didn't make much use of it. I really like their Flee! Mortals bestiary, which has some great ideas for new mechanics for spicing up enemies in 5e, but I got the book just as I was ending my last campaign and taking a break from 5e. If I start running 5e again with the 2024 rules, I hope to revisit and use this book.

I've used a lot of stuff from the early issues of EN World's EN5ider.

When I ran games in person, there were a lot of physical game aids I enjoyed. In particular Alea Tools Magnetic Status Markers and Paizo's combat tracker.

I've cycled through a lot of software over the years, but they are not really game specific.


Front Range Warlock
White Dwarf issues 42-47 for Irilian, their AD&D-compatible city. A bit more British than official AD&D cities.

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