What TTRPG games need more one-shot Actual Plays?

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How about "every superhero RPG out there" as an idea? The genre lends itself to one shots ("Single issue stories") and there a ton of systems out there that could do with more APs out there so people can get a feel for the game mechanics in use. Masks might be the only one that actually already has decent coverage in that regard, but even some big names are hard to find much on. Champions was mentioned (6e, but really any edition or HERO system spinoff would be neat), but Sentinel Comics, BASH, Icons, Tiny D6 Supers, the Cypher supers game whose name eludes me, Mighty Protectors (or V&V if you feel really nostalgic), or even Golden Heroes for some historical interest would be interesting. They're all worthy of a signal boost, at least. And that's just to name a few.

Sentinel Comics even has a revised starter kit due out in a few months, which might come in handy.

Committed Hero

Over on the Unconventional GMs youtube channel, myself and my co-host Gaz (of the Smart Party, the UK's premier roleplaying podcast) have been putting up TTRPG one-shots. Our USP is that they're run how we run convention games (hence the name) with pace, vim, and vigour, and a heady mix of roleplaying, action, rules engagement and silly accents, and all come in at <2hrs.

We've got a decent stable of videos up already with games from Vaesen to Brindlewood Bay to Ironsworn: Starforged, and more in the pipeline (we release Saturdays 5pm fortnightly) - but what games would you really appreciate Actual Play videos of, to showcase how you can do it in a one-shot or just demonstrate how it plays at the table? There are a million D&D and Call of Cthulhu APs out there (including ours!) but what would really help the GM community? Or any specific styles of game or approach you'd like to see - let us know below!

Gaz has played some Gumshoe games - I nominate some that aren't Night's Black Agents.

Guy Milner

Gaz has played some Gumshoe games - I nominate some that aren't Night's Black Agents.
Good shout. I've never actually run a Gumshoe game, but I've read a few of them and probably Ashen Stars, Time watch, or Swords of the Serpentine are the most likely to get a run out.

Supers is a possibility, although the two of us differ in our appreciation of this genre. I'm all for it though! Sentinel's a fantastic game, and does the "don't roll to hit, just roll damage" thing really well.


Grizzled Adventurers, Shadowdark and Pirate Borg would be my suggestions. All three shine in the one-shot format. (Grizzled Adventurers games especially tend to be very funny in play.)
I don't think that Shadowdark is short on actual plays and recommendations.

I would probably recommend Through Sunken Lands and Beyond the Wall over Grizzled Adventurers.

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