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What was your first PC's name?


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Do you remember your first character's name? And if so, do you still have the character sheet?

My first PC was a dwarf named Vlagranras, and I still have his sheet (clipped into the front of my 2e PHB, I believe). Apart from his name -- which I still think is neat -- there was nothing distinctive about him, though. ;)

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I was such a munchkin (at age 10) that character names meant SFA (precious little) to my mates and me.

IIRC, we used to refer to PC's by player name.


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My first rpg character was a 2nd ed. elven thief named Aegis Ravenshadow. I have the character sheet in my papers somewhere. I almost stopped playing rpg's before I even really got into them because the dice hated him so much that he could never do anything effectively (but not enought to let him actually die, just be beaten to near death in a variety of humiliating ways). How does a character with 95% in hide and move silently fail over 50% of the time? Anyway he had his moments, but if it wasn't for the great people I gamed with I probably wouldn't be posting here.
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Well, I can't remember my first character ever, but my first AD&D character (which is also the oldest I can remember at all) was a paladin named...

*Shakes head in embarrasment*


Yeah, like the guy from Elf Quest. I was in fourth grade, gimme a break. :p


For the record, once I got a bit older, he went through several name changes, and eventually ended up as Terron Nightsbane. He also eventually ended up an important (but background) NPC in my oldest homebrew setting.
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